10 Flash Deals On Refurbished iPads Under $350

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When it comes to the worldwide tablet market, Apple is almost untouchable with the iPad. With more than 50% of the market share, iPads are solid The most popular tablets around. It is also expensive. Buying a brand new iPad is an investment in a multifunctional device that may last for years, but is still pricey.

However, you may still be able to get an iPad at a huge discount. Buying refurbished iPads gives you a chance to get a still useful device at a much lower price, and it is good for the environment very. No coupon code is required for any of these products.

Although it was made in 2013, this iPad Mini still has many uses. Between the 7.9-inch screen and the ultra-light build, this might be a file Fantastic portable streaming device(Opens in a new tab). If you want to watch a movie while on a plane, load up on 32GB of local storage with the movies. The iPad Mini 2 still has a headphone port, and it’s on sale for $156.99 (reg $249).

Also straight from 2013 this is rated “B” iPad 5 Refurbished(Opens in a new tab) It may have some scratches and dings, but it’s still useful for gaming, low-spec apps, or other hobbies. Load it up with some light gaming or use the 5MP rear camera to take some amazing pictures with the screen acting as a 9.7″ viewfinder. Snap some photos and more with the refurbished Apple iPad 5 that retails for $211.99 (~$299).

If you are looking for light A portable device for use at work(Opens in a new tab)Then this iPad Air might have what it takes. Equipped with a 32GB HDD flash memory and Bluetooth technology, and can be connected to a keyboard and mouse, to provide you with a low-spec workstation that you can take almost anywhere. Get up to 10 hours of battery life while using this refurbished iPad Air on sale for $174.99 (reg $499).

The accessory bundle included with this purchase features an additional case, tempered glass screen protector, lightning cable, wall adapter, and the tablet itself. this is ipad mini(Opens in a new tab) Made in 2019, it still has 10 hours of battery life, 128GB SSD, and an Apple 8 chip. If you want a compact device to replace your laptop, consider the iPad Mini 4 for just $234.99 (Reg. $599) ).

This iPad still comes in its original box, and it also comes with an extra bag, UL approved wall charger, lightning cable, and toughened glass pre-installed. Use it to connect to the internet with WiFi, or connect your SIM card and 4G network access(Opens in a new tab). If you need to work away from a good WiFi signal, this iPad, which is just $289.99 (regular price $729), can help.

If you need a device with which you can take photos and also use them to edit your photos, this is iPad Pro with 12MP iSight camera (Opens in a new tab)And the Apple A9X 2.1GHz processor could be your new choice. Take a picture, see it with stunning clarity and color on the 9.7″ Retina display, then start working with any of the many iPadOS Compatible Art Tools available to you. Try your hand at digital art on the just $310.99 (US$749) refurbished iPad Pro.

If you work from home and want to free up space in your web conferencing area, check out the refurbished, refurbished iPad Pro with a “B”. It may have some scratches and dents, but that doesn’t change that it’s also loaded with a 5MP FaceTime camera and a 12MP iSight camera. Pair that with up to 10 hours of battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and 2GB of RAM and you’ve got range Versatile portable work device(Opens in a new tab) For only $212.99.

It is 2 years old and only shows minor scratches and dents on the body, this iPad could be of a type Note taking tool for students(Opens in a new tab) or professionals. The battery life is 10 hours and it is widely compatible with Apple accessories such as the Apple Pencil. Find a Bluetooth keyboard or your favorite notes app and turn on your iPad for $333.99 (regular $499).

This is an iPad(Opens in a new tab) It has an iconic metallic casing, and comes with a pre-installed tempered glass screen protector, as well as an additional plastic case. Perfect for streaming, playing games and taking it with you on the go, this iPad is the perfect travel companion anywhere you can connect to WiFi. Bring convenience and entertainment with you and get this iPad for $304.99 (Reg. US$599).

Refurbished to the point that it works and looks like new, this is the sixth generation iPad supports WiFi and Cell(Opens in a new tab). Plug in your SIM and start browsing, streaming or working anywhere there is a signal. It even comes with a 90-day warranty, and is on sale for $209.99.

Prices are subject to change.