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John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

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Pentland Hills (left) beats Red Derek at 1m6 . handicap

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

Written by Andrew Dietz

Friday: Haydok

High class barriers Pentland Hills He made his comeback by winning a 1m6f handicap on his first start since the 2020 Hurdle.

The two-time First Division winner made the most of the race from a flat mark of 69 to take a hard-fought win with his short header under Shaun Levy, who claimed a double on the card on his return from a forced eight-day absence.

Pentland Hills, which won the Triumph Hurdle and 4 YO Juvenile Hurdle at Aintree in 2019 for the Owners Group union, was found to have a tendon injury in the summer of 2020 and plans to run it on Flat this summer have been reinstated. Because of the fast ground prevailing.

Seven-year-old coach Nicky Henderson showed his desire to win still remains when he came in late to deny Red Derek the goal line.

The return of the Pentland Hills to familiar surroundings can wait, with its first appearance on the ramparts in the pipeline.

He’s been thrown to his flat mark, but any horse that does so well to win after that break has had to dig deep,” said Ryan Bliss, assistant racing director for the Owners Group.

“He had a school there over the ramparts last week and we hope we can enjoy the winter with him.

“He’s not too big but he’s always been an athlete, and I imagine the next time you see him he’s going to be a novice to the chase, unless Nikki is inclined to run again on the flat.”

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

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Pentland Hills and Sean Levey return to the winner’s container

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

Pentland Hills started his career on Flat, won two of his 11 starts with coach Chris Wall, and had his first run in the code for exactly four years.

Levy said: “That was great, he was very professional. He seemed to be keen on his races but he traveled beautifully again on Flat and was very competitive at every stage of the race.

“I thought it was impressive for a horse that took a lot of time on vacation. He might have gotten a little good on the flat but he’s a nice horse.”

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First published at 6:08 PM on Sep 23, 2022