5 things to consider before buying a new laptop for work

  • Every year, laptop technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated.
  • Buying a new laptop now means more than just checking RAM and storage.
  • Developed in partnership with Microsoft, MSI’s business productivity laptops exemplify many of the most impressive achievements of recent years.

Every time you step into the market for a new laptop, there will be a number of cutting edge technologies to choose from – you may hear about some of them for the first time. But a great laptop is an important investment, and even after a lot of research, it can be hard to know if you’re spending your hard-earned money the right way.

Here are five things to consider about the latest developments in the market when buying a work laptop.

1. Get a modern laptop

If you already know what you’ll be using this new computer for, focus on the specifications most relevant to your needs. Different use cases require different specifications: for example, a laptop optimized for software engineering will not have the same features as a laptop geared towards mobile productivity.

Realizing this, many leading laptop manufacturers have begun to diversify their product lines to better meet the needs of different types of consumers. For example, in 2020, MSI – historically known for its gaming laptops – partnered with Microsoft to debut A range of laptops designed specifically for business productivity, take home PCMag Reader’s Choice Award During the past two years.

The key to MSI’s recent success is its collaboration with Microsoft, particularly in terms of hardware design and performance on Windows 11.

“Microsoft’s collaboration with MSI has resulted in amazing laptops that are tuned to fit the new productivity features of Windows 11,” said Mark Linton, Vice President of Hardware Partner Sales at Microsoft Corporation.

2. Proof of your investment in the future

If all goes according to plan, you’ll be using your new laptop for years. It is important to not only think about what you need now, but also anticipate what you may need in a year or two.

PC performance is an important buying driver for customers, and a robust PC will ensure satisfaction for years down the road.

Wi-Fi protocols go through similar cycles. MSI . was the first To equip its laptops – including the Summit Series – with WiFi-6E, the latest and greatest advance in performance. MSI’s inclusion of WiFi 6E provides faster WiFi access in a less crowded WiFi spectrum. It offers faster connections with less interference and better experiences, whether you’re working or relaxing with a streaming movie or an online game.

3. Pay attention to practical matters

If it’s been a few years since you upgraded your laptop, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much battery technology has evolved.

For example, MSI’s Summit Series can last all day on a single charge. Its fast charging function converts a quick 15-minute charge into an additional 2.5 hours of juice.

While the technology behind the batteries themselves has certainly improved, MSI has also taken advantage of additional software to enable longevity.

“MSI’s Smart Priority feature is trained by Microsoft’s Azure AI technology to improve battery life by shifting power to different applications when needed,” said Eric Ko, Vice President of Laptop Sales at MSI.

Azure integration allows Summit to learn the ideal setup for each application and optimize power distribution.

“Battery life is one of the important things Summit users won’t need to worry about,” Kue noted.

4. Be smart about your security and privacy

If you are traveling for work, being able to secure your laptop is crucial. But it’s also an important consideration if you’re working from home. Organizations of all sizes have seen an increase in issues related to cyber security as remote work has become the norm over the past few years.

MSI has also adopted a number of modern privacy and security features that take full advantage of the new capabilities of Windows 11 Pro. Summit Series Windows Hello integration enhances biometrics, which enables users to log into their MSI laptops via fingerprint or facial recognition.

“With our daily lives increasingly moving online, data security has never been more important, and security is increasingly becoming a key driver for customers to update a device,” Linton said. “MSI’s ongoing support for secure PCs running Windows 11 Pro and Windows Autopilot provides enhanced security levels, and MSI delivers the features that commercial customers globally need, enabling better security and manageability.”

With our daily lives increasingly moving online, data security has never been more important, and security has become a major driver for a customer to update a device.

Summit series laptops also use Tobii Aware, which automatically turns off and dims the screen when you step away. It will even automatically dim your screen and notify you when someone peeks over your shoulder.

“The combination of new Windows 11 Pro software features and MSI hardware security features should help customers secure their computing environments and their valuable data,” Linton said.

5. Find the best device for your hybrid work style

With many employees today working from home or across locations, today’s organizations require reliable video technology to keep teams connected. But often, delayed video calls and spotty connections reduce productivity.

Recognizing that the hybrid business is here to stay, major laptop manufacturers have embraced and improved many of the technologies that have revolutionized the headphone industry over the past decade. For example, MSI’s noise-canceling capability not only reduces ambient noise your co-workers can hear during a call, but quiets your computer fan for more silence.

As employers continue to grapple with the realities of hybrid work – and what that means for their workers – reliable and safe technology is more important now than ever.

“The workspace is constantly evolving, and now the workspace can be anywhere,” Koo said..

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