6 Best Tools for WhatsApp to Organize Chats, Schedule Messages and Optimize WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging applications in the world with a lot of great features. But it could still be better, right? These free websites, apps, bots, and browser extensions fix some daily WhatsApp annoyances and limitations, and even give you an insight into how to chat.

1. Plotex (Chrome): Schedule WhatsApp messages and manage tasks on chats

Blueticks is one of the best, if not the best, Chrome extensions for WhatsApp. It grants superpowers to your WhatsApp chats, breaking its annoying limitations.

The two main strengths that Blueticks add is the ability to Schedule messages on WhatsApp Web And to add or manage tasks for each chat or group. In the free version of Blueticks, you can schedule one message at a time. Likewise, you can set up up to four tasks per group or contact, and no more than that.

Blueticks also allows users to launch WhatsApp campaigns. This is an effective way to create a form letter, send it to multiple users assigned to their name, and check responses. In the free version of Blueticks, you will see the Blueticks branding in your campaign, but it can be removed in the paid version.

The only downside to Blueticks is that while it is great, it only works with WhatsApp Web in Chrome. So when you are outside, your phone does not display the tasks you have stored on WhatsApp Web. It’s a little annoying, but considering how many things Blueticks does so well, it’s one of the must-have extensions for WhatsApp.

Download: Blueticks for Chrome (free)

2. Cooby (Chrome): Organize WhatsApp conversations in tabs, create reminders, and more

The only reason we can’t say Blueticks should be your default way to use WhatsApp Web is because of Cooby. This Chrome extension is powerful and has a lot of great features. The only thing is that Cooby can’t do what Blueticks can, and vice versa.

Here’s a quick look at Cooby’s cool features:

  • System tabs: Cooby creates a few tabs that update automatically depending on the activity and nature, such as Unread, Waiting for Reply, Needs Reply, Groups, 1:1, and Official Accounts.
  • Custom tabs: You can create additional tabs and add chats to them, such as work or family, to easily organize and manage your conversations.
  • Notes and reminders: You can add a reminder in any conversation or set a note that will only be visible when you are in that chat.
  • Event scheduling: Integrate Google Calendar with Cooby to quickly schedule events with others, so they can accept or decline meeting invitations.
  • Message for non-contacts: You can send a message to anyone without saving that contact to your phone.
  • Share conversations: Cooby asks you to select a group of messages in the chat and create a beautiful screenshot link to share with others, saving you the trouble of taking multiple screenshots yourself.
  • Templates: Set up message templates to quickly send the messages you use often.

The free version of Cooby lets you use all of these features while adding some restrictions (like three custom tabs and up to 10 reminders per month). The premium version is completely unlimited.

Download: Cooby for Chrome (free)

3. Opinion polls on WhatsApp (Web): Create anonymous surveys for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp Polls is the easiest way for anyone to create a multiple choice survey and share it on WhatsApp while the results are automatically sorted. Survey creators need to log into the site with a Google account to view the results, but survey participants never need to leave their WhatsApp chat.

Polls are very basic. You write the entire question and add multiple options. You can set how long the survey will take and even give it a name so it’s easy to find on your dashboard. Once created, you can share the survey on WhatsApp groups, with each option appearing as a link. When a user clicks on a link, it is recorded as a vote.

In the control panel, you can see the total number of votes for all the choices. The free version is only for anonymous polls, but in the paid version, you can record who voted why, along with some other advanced options for questions. But really, the free version is perfect for taking quick surveys that people are likely to take part in because all they need to do is click the link once.

4. and automatic (Android): Set Auto Reply Messages for WhatsApp

Can’t reply because you’re busy in a meeting or on vacation? maybe I was Leave WhatsApp or take a break. Seeing unread messages can seem rude or curious to people. Watomatic is a great way to make sure people know you’re not ignoring them by setting simple messages to auto reply.

Watomatic works with WhatsApp as well as Facebook messages. You can turn it on and off with a simple switch. The letter is fully customizable, and Watomatic Reddit community Share some examples of their best messages if you want to use them as a template.

Of course, there is a risk that these messages will overwhelm or annoy people. To handle groups, you can turn Watomatic on or off separately for groups so that the auto-reply message doesn’t appear when others are talking without you. Alternatively, you can try the beta feature, which limits how many times a day the auto-reply message will be sent, which is ideal for one-on-one conversations.

Download: Watomatic for Android (free)

5. transcriber (WhatsApp): WhatsApp Bot to transcribe voice notes

Voice notes on WhatsApp are both a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s better to say what you want quickly instead of typing it, and you can even Accelerate audio notes If you have a set of them. But the recipient must replay it often at the risk of others hearing. The convenience of texting is that it’s available at a glance in places where you can’t or don’t want to hear voice notes.

Transcriberz is a free bot that listens to voice notes and transcribes them automatically. To use it, you will need to click on File raise your voice Visit the Alfred bot on their site. Do this from your phone, which will open Alfred in WhatsApp and prompt you to add the bot as a contact. And then, when you receive a voice note and want to read it, forward it to Alfred on WhatsApp.

Alfred is very fast and in our tests he did very well. Punctuation was a bit off, but that’s a given with bots like this. Overall, it’s a great free service that currently works in English, French, German, Spanish, and Hebrew. Voice notes have a maximum length of 60 seconds and are not stored on their servers to protect user privacy.

6. WhatsAlysis And the from what (Web): Analyze WhatsApp chats for statistics

Who speaks the most in the group? How many messages have you and this friend sent to each other? What time of the day are your conversations most active? WhatsAlysis and WhosWhat are two great free apps that analyze your chats to generate interesting and useful statistics.

Both apps work for individual chats or group chats. You will have to export individual or group chats, which is one of the basics WhatsApp tricks everyone needs to know. Then upload it to the site, wait for them to analyze it and show you the results.

WhatsAlysis collects data like total messages sent and how many messages each person has sent and puts them on a pie chart. It also notes hourly messaging activity and gives you a list of the most used words in the chat. You will see all previous titles if you change the topic of the group.

WhosWhat is trying to keep things more fun, analyzing time gaps between messages to notice Conversation Killers and sorting messages at odd hours to find night owls. Their servers took a lot longer than WhatsAlysis, but with both services being free, it’s best to try both.

The best WhatsApp trick you need to know

As you can see, these bots, websites, and extensions make WhatsApp better and easier to use. But one of the best ways to improve WhatsApp is a hidden trick within the app itself.

Did you know that you can create unlimited conversations to talk to yourself? it is easy. Create a group that adds yourself and a friend, then remove the friend from the group. This group is a private space for you to jot down what you want. You can create a group for tasks, another group for notes, a third for a personal journal, etc. And because it is not based on any third-party app, the groups are available on all your devices and protected by WhatsApp’s privacy policies.