Adam Levine addresses allegations that he cheated on his wife Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine addressed recent allegations that he cheated on his wife Behati Prinsloo, claiming he “wasn’t having an affair” but “overstepped the bounds.”

The Maroon 5 front star (43), who is currently expecting his third child with his wife of eight years, has responded to the allegations shared by model Sumner Stroh on TikTok on Monday.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, he wrote: “A lot is being said about me now and I want to clear the air. I have used bad judgment in speaking to anyone other than my wife in any way my flirtatious way is.”

“I never had an affair, however, crossed the line during an unfortunate period in my life.”

He went on to say that “in certain cases, this has become inappropriate” and that he has “addressed that” and “taken proactive steps to remedy this by [his] family”.

He continued, “My wife and my family are all that matters to me in this world.” “Being naive and stupid enough to risk the only thing that really matters to me was the biggest mistake I could make. I won’t do it again. I take full responsibility.”

Levin concluded his letter by assuring his fans and followers that he and his family would overcome the rumors “together.”

“We’ll get through it,” he wrote. “We’ll get through it together,” he wrote.

Levine’s statement comes after Straw, the 23-year-old model, made the allegations in a video on TikTok on Monday.

“I was in a relationship with a man married to a Victoria’s Secret model,” Stroh said in her video, before claiming, “At the time, I was young, I was naive, and I mean quite frankly, I feel taken advantage of.”

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Struh, who said the relationship lasted about a year, also shared screenshots of Instagram messages that the Maroon 5 singer allegedly sent from his verified Instagram account, telling her: We are. Like it blows my mind.”

In the video, Stroh also included a screenshot of a message she allegedly received from the singer after the couple ended their relationship. The photo appears to show Levin asking if he can name his unborn child.

“Okay, serious question. I have another baby, and if it’s a baby, I really want to call him Sumner. Are you okay with that? “Dead Gad,” Levine reportedly wrote, along with one emoji shrugging his shoulders.

The model claims that she decided to talk about the experience after the alleged affair was leaked to the tabloids by “friends I thought I trusted.”

In a follow-up video shared later the same day, Stroh said she initially wanted to talk about the relationship while acknowledging how “disgusted, embarrassed, and remorseful” she was, but didn’t want people to think she was “playing a victim.”

Stroh also reiterated her allegations about a friend trying to “sell” the story to a tabloid, an attempt she said she learned of on Sunday when the outlet contacted her for comment.

“So I was totally feverish,” she said.

In the second video, Stroh also said she was “under the impression” that Levine and Prinsloo’s marriage was “over.”

“I thought they were keeping quiet to avoid negative press, because, like I said, I was new to LA. So I just assumed with celebrities of that caliber that that was what it was,” she continued. “And that’s why I felt taken advantage of, because he knew I believed everything he said, because of my vulnerable position for being new to L.A.”

Struh also claimed that because Levine was reported to have been texting her from his verified Instagram account, she had “no reason to question” his alleged claims about his marital status.

She went on to say that she wished she was “more questioning” before suggesting that “naivety is no excuse for what I did and the role I played in it.”

The 23-year-old concluded the video, telling her followers that she was “so sorry” for Prinsloo and her children.

Levine has been married to a Victoria’s Secret model since 2014. The couple share two daughters, aged four and five, and announced earlier this month that they are expecting their third child.

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