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Sean Levy: He is scheduled to return to work on Friday at Haydock

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

Shawn Levy says he is heartbroken by missing eight days of racing, including the Racing League final, following news that he has been reinstated as medically eligible to ride after a negative urine test.

The Classic award-winning jockey was stopped by the hosts at Sandown last Wednesday after a spot saliva test tested positive for amphetamine, a banned substance.

In a statement released by Levy on Wednesday, the rider made it clear that he was convinced of his innocence and immediately requested a urine test, which was done within 24 hours.

In a subsequent interview on Sky Sports, he expressed frustration with the amount of time it took to process a urine sample, and officials at Sandown’s unwillingness to accept a second saliva test.

Levy was on his way to winning the £20,000 first prize as the leading rider in the Racing League, but had to miss the last meet in Newcastle, where Saffie Osborne fixed it after riding an unlikely 6539-1 triple.

The rider is scheduled to return to action Friday at Haydock with five rounds. In the statement, he said: “While I’m happy to be back riding later this week, it’s hard not to feel bad about what has happened to me over the past few days.

“Some might say I was unlucky with the false positive happening just before the Race League final, but I sincerely hope that there are lessons to be learned from this and that similar things don’t happen to the riders in the future.”

The Professional Riders Association praised the introduction of the instant saliva test in May 2021 as a key deterrent for any rider to go to races after ingesting a banned substance.

The BHA has not commented on the case other than confirming that Levi was cleared to ride again on TuesdayWhich means his agent, Sash Righton, was able to start booking flights from Friday onwards.

The statement noted Levy’s desire for a full investigation into the error that occurred in the initial test.

Levy later told Sky: “I made the case that I wanted a chance to prove my innocence by taking any other test and it wasn’t given to me.

“The Newcastle meeting was evening and if I could get a result in 12 hours I would have been able to go and ride that day. It’s hard to look at that situation.

“The best way to say it for sure is that it could have been handled a lot better.”

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First published at 3:48pm on Sep 21, 2022