All Muireann O’Connell fans say the same about the Dunnes Stores basket

TV presenter Muireann O’Connell revealed she bought a wicker basket at Dunnes’ stores to do her grocery shopping — and everyone says the same.

The Ireland AM . star She showed off her new purchase in an Instagram post.


Muireann O’Connell showed off her new Dunnes cart and all fans said the same
Muireann revealed her new grocery basket on Instagram


Muireann revealed her new grocery basket on Instagram

She wrote: “I bought a basket in it Dennis And now I’m walking around like a subcontractor with Molly Malone.”

She added: “The crying of the snails and the mussels.”

Fans loved the basket and many said they also used a wicker basket for shopping.

One person wrote: “Baskets are convenient for small grocery shopping.”

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Another said, “I love it. I’ve had one for a long time, and wouldn’t be without it – and it’s loads-friendly. Welcome to Muireann’s Basketball Club.”

Another added, “I’ve owned a basket for years, I love it for my shopping.”

Others raised the TV personality for her shopping cart selection.

One person commented: “Hey Muireann very helpful, though take care of your tight bouquets.”

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Another said, “Mary suits you…sorry, Meryn.”

Another added: “You really love this Muireann basket – I bet you’re wondering why you didn’t take the initiative sooner!”

very funny

newly, Ireland AM’s Muireann star, Tommy Poe, was left silent and into fits of laughter In Ireland AM after the funny rugby secret is revealed.

The two hilarious MCs were in the studio during this Alan Hughes He was in the plowing championship.

Then Tommy said, “Who gave you the most?”

James then explained that he and other players had to pay fines to players who misbehaved.

Speaking at the festival, James said: “So there was a sheriff’s section that consisted of me, Tadge Furlong and Peter O’Mahony.

“So look, we’ve been keeping an eye on everyone and we had to make sure that if anyone got out of line or if there were any misdemeanours, they were dealt with harshly.”

Then Alan shouted, “And what are the fines?”

James continued, “I don’t know if I can say on air what the fines are.

“But that’s what the tours are all about. You obviously spend a lot of time together when you’re away and just trying to create an atmosphere with the boys was just one of the things we did.”

Then they finished the rest of the interview and Meryn taunted Tommy.

“You were definitely fined loads,” she said.

Then Tommy explained a hilarious story from his time playing for Ireland.

He explained, “I was actually in the fines department once with Doncha O’Callaghan and Thomas O’Leary.

“We made a lot of money and I had to go with Donncha and Tomás and had to get a lot of funny T-shirts and costumes.

“And we ended up going to get a pint and then taking a rake out of pints and we ended up spending all the money.”

Then Mirren asked, “In the midst of the Six Nations?”

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“In the middle of the Six Nations,” Tommy emphasized.

Mirren was in fits of laughter at this as she said, “He was so professional. You were put on the fines committee?”