An invisible picture of the Queen during the past days at Balmoral where she insisted on doing her “job” to the end

To the end, Her Majesty was bright and happy – as she had been all her life – obedient.

Insiders told The Sun how the Queen was “sparkling” and “refreshed” in her final days and weeks, despite her frailty.


The Queen was photographed in Balmoral watching a galleon band in her last daysCredit: Supplied
The Queen takes cover under the gazebo of her Scottish home while she watches the band play


The Queen takes cover under the gazebo of her Scottish home while she watches the band playCredit: Supplied
The Queen was determined to swear an oath to Liz Truss as Britain's new Prime Minister


The Queen was determined to swear an oath to Liz Truss as Britain’s new Prime MinisterCredit: AP

And she was absolutely determined to be sworn in as her 15th and last Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

Just 48 hours before the ‘kissing hands’ ceremony at Balmoral, the Queen was advised by the courtiers concerned that she might consider letting Prince Charles do the duty instead.

Charles had already replaced his beloved mother Read the Queen’s speech in Parliament.

But when it came to swearing in the new prime minister, she didn’t even think about switching.

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She told them all, “Of course I must, it’s my job.”

Moving forward, she spent 40 minutes with outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said the Queen was “bright and focused” the whole time.

He said that was “amazing,” given how clearly ill she was.

“It was a very emotional time,” said Boris – who sources said made the Queen laugh during their last meeting.

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Official photos of the ensuing encounter with Mrs. Truss showed the Queen looking very frail, leaning on a cane, but smiling.

To the nation’s great sorrow, two days after the king Passed away.

She was in “shiny” shape at dinner

The Sun was told that in the days leading up to the party she was her usual self and described as having a lot of fun Balmoral Lunch and dinner meals.

Sources told how the Queen attended dinner with guests and family over the weekend and was in “shining shape” and “booming”.

The only difference was that guests were asked not to wear dinner clothes.

Today, we’re also revealing some of the last photos of the Queen that the Galleon squad enjoyed last month—while snuggly covered under a gazebo on the grounds of Balmoral Castle.

The Queen became more and more weak during August and the residents had regular check-ups.

Prince Charles, now King Charles IIIHe makes daily visits.

Balmoral was battered by unusually heavy rain as first Boris Johnson and then Liz Truss flew to meet the Queen.

It didn’t happen nearly as well as it did just hours earlier, and her role in her last job was in doubt as assistants and doctors worried about her health, The Sun was told.

Charles politely offered to act as a frontman capable of suggesting that she did not need to do so.

But the Queen, who has made more than 21,000 engagements in her 70 years, did her duty and made her way into her drawing room.

Johnson and Truss were ordered to Balmoral to attend the ceremony after doctors advised the Queen not to travel south.

the next day, Princess Anne She returns to Balmoral to be by her mother’s side, after she was sailing off the coast of northern Scotland.

The Queen was placed under medical supervision and forced to withdraw a video call with the Privy Council later that day.

Buckingham Palace insisted that the Queen simply needed to “rest” after a busy day.

In a touching written tribute after escorting her coffin to Edinburgh, the Princess Royal described how she was “lucky to share the last 24 hours of my dear mother’s life”.

On Thursday morning, the palace admitted for the first time that they were “concerned” about the Queen’s health.

It was said that the queen was


The Queen was said to have been “vigilant and engaged” during her last daysCredit: Ross Johnston/Newsline Media

When Charles turned 150 miles from Dumfries House to Balmoral and planes scrambled in search of William, Harry, and Andrew, the palace announced the Queen’s death at 6:30 p.m.

The end came just 48 hours after she implemented her last constitutional law for the country she had steadily served for seven decades.

Just five days ago, Her Majesty enjoyed a dinner with close friends and family at Balmoral.

A source told The Sun, “It was unusual because it was so accidental. Nobody was dressed elegantly.

“But the Queen was in a shimmering form. She was very, very jovial.

“She was funny, kidding. She was lively.”

Dr Ian Greenshields, Reverend Rt, told the BBC the Queen appeared weak but in “Really good soulsWhen he had dinner with her the weekend before she passed away.

Another source said: “Nobody was in a panic at Balmoral this weekend. But the doctors were there.”

Pictures of the Queen relaxing and enjoying her favorite Canadian pipe band have emerged.

She was treated to a special performance by 80 members of the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band from Ottawa.

One of the photos, taken by a guest, shows the Queen watching intently from under the gazebo, flanked by two of her sons, Prince Andrew And the Prince Edward.

Jack BrooksbankThe 36-year-old is the husband of the Queen’s granddaughter Princess EugenieTwo seats.

Major Pipe Bethany Besilion told me how the Queen was “overjoyed” with the performance and appeared in high spirits as she performed on August 17.

She said, “I really enjoyed it, she was laughing and smiling and she was in great shape.

“When we first arrived she walked out the back door of Balmoral and she saw me standing there and said, ‘Okay, welcome back. “

“During the performance she was clapping and having a great time.

“What a privilege to be able to introduce her to her at Balmoral, this was our fifth time. We will miss her so badly.”

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Bethany said that unlike in previous years, the Queen did not walk around to meet the band or give them a tour.

But, she says, she was “alert” and “busy” throughout the 30-minute show, which included sensational bagpipe combos and choreography.

The Queen was photographed smiling in an official photo days before her death


The Queen was photographed smiling in an official photo days before her deathCredit: Reuters
Boris Johnson visited the Queen at Balmoral in her last days


Boris Johnson visited the Queen at Balmoral in her last daysCredit: Environmental Protection Agency