Apex Legends Devs are sick of being harassed by players

Octana, the character of Apex Legends, is about to limit its fusion in dirt.

Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter this week with a permit Condemns the “increased harassment” its employees have faced over a variety of issues that have plagued the popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends.

In the statement, Respawn said that while it “loves to hear feedback” from the community, attacking the developers isn’t sound constructive criticism. The studio continued, saying it would “promote a respectful and collaborative environment” for its employees and players. “We welcome community input, however, and the line between constructive feedback and our development team’s inconvenience cannot be crossed,” Respawn said. “We want to remind our players that we have a zero-tolerance policy for threats and harassment of our developers. We will take appropriate action to ensure the health and safety of our team.”

Live service game is inside fall of titan Universe, Apex Legends It has undergone a number of changes in the three years it has been in the market. New game modes, more playable characters, and additional gear options – the battle royale shooter was never what it used to be though the bones were largely kept same. As usual in game development, things break when new things are introduced. The sound, for example, has Apparently it has been set for years. Matchmaking has frustrated society so much, Models and pros started blaming each other to sabotage the game. Then there are bugs that affect everything from exploration to me hit detection. In short, Apex Legends in a constant state of adaptation As Respawn is working on issues with the game.

But while Respawn may be familiar with many of Issues affecting Apex LegendsThat didn’t stop the hardliners from asking the team to fix things now, not later. Online, from Twitter to the game’s official subreddit, there are complaints from gamers pressing Respawn to “stop pretending“The game works really well. This is an audio community. It is full of people who want to break into developers to simply do their jobs. I mean, there is reddit all Another calls out “qualified” players.. franklyIs this not the truth?

While the years of harassment have prompted Respawn to deliver this statement, some in tweets little pointed to me Apex Legends Content creator Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin as Possible culprit. The Twitch streamer frank and Apex Legends forefront For the United States Division of the Brazilian Esports Organization very angrywas hiswatson Claimed to have been caught saying he ‘hate’ Apex Legendsecurity chief Connor “laids” Ford earlier this month at DMs with a note Apex Legends Hacker AutismGaming. With screenshots appearing, Then it was reported that EA blacklisted HisWattson from tournamentsPerhaps because of his language. HISWATSUN He made clear his intentions In replies to his tweets, saying he’s “not just going to hit [EA/Respawn] on Twitter “and that his word choice was ‘bad’ because he was angry. Still, People didn’t take too kindly for hiswatsun express frankly supposed to him Hate the developers.

And here’s the thing: you don’t need to say you “hate” the people who make games to criticize the game itself. Game development is hard enough, what is it with shareholders slitting people’s throats, imposing impossible deadlines to fill CEOs’ pockets at the expense of their employees’ well-being. piling on developers, Attacking them for things It’s out of their control, isn’t it? Seriously, people really Need to learn how to calm the hell down and respect others.

my box Reach out to HisWattson and Respawn for comment.