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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II will be buried today, after a funeral at Westminster Abbey and a procession to Windsor Castle as the United Kingdom bids farewell to its longest-serving monarch.

God Save the King is up and running again and the coffin is now set in the back of the heart that will take the Queen on her final journey from central London to the grounds of Windsor Castle where she will be laid to rest in a private ceremony. King Charles III greets his mother for the last time. The body is due to arrive in Windsor shortly after 3pm today.

The coffin now leaves Westminster Abbey. The procession is led by King Charles III, followed by other members of his family and then the clergy who participated in the funeral ceremonies.

The note on top of the sarcophagus reads: “In remembrance of the loving and devoted.”

Many church leaders in the UK now recite prayers. Queen Elizabeth II was also head of the Church of England.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin, which will be mounted on a rifle carriage, will not be pulled by horses as one might expect, but according to Royal Navy classifications (junior sailors). This tradition dates back to Queen Victoria’s funeral when some of the horses that were supposed to pull their cannon carriage pulled out and the Royal Navy intervened.

President Michael D. Higgins, US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill, as well as French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan arrived.

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How many countries were invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral? It would be easier to count the people who were not invited, only three in fact, clearly Russia, Belarus and Myanmar, a former British colony when it was Burma. Somewhat surprisingly, North Korea, Iran and Syria are invited.

There will be a large Irish squad today made up of President Michael D. Higgins, Taoiseach Michael Martin, Sinn Fein Deputy Leader Michael O’Neill, DUP Leader Sir Geoffrey Donaldson, Alliance Party Leader Naomi Long and Unionist Ulster. UUP Leader Doug Petty and Social Democratic Action Party (SDLP) Leader Colum Eastwood. Sinn Fein’s Alex Maskey will also be in his role as President of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

All VIPs from Ireland’s four largest churches will attend. They are the Archbishop of Armagh Eamonn Martin the Catholic, Archbishop of Ireland in Armagh John McDowell, Presbyterian session moderator Right Reverend John Kirkpatrick, and Methodist Head Reverend David Nixon.

Patricia Donnelly, who received an OBE in recognition of her work at the helm of the Covid-19 vaccination program in Northern Ireland, will attend, as will Reverend Mervyn Gibson, general secretary of the Orange Order, who has been appointed MBE for Community Services.

The last funeral of a British monarch was held on February 15, 1952. Then-Foreign Secretary Frank Aiken, a former commander of the Irish Republican Army in the War of Independence and the Civil War, along with Irish Ambassador to Great Britain Frederick Henry (FH) attended Boland.

How many people around the world will be watching Queen Elizabeth’s funeral today? According to “experts”, it will be 4.1 billion. Why this exact number? half of the world’s population. The truth is that no one knows. The audience is likely to be much smaller in the Western Hemisphere where it is still night time.

Nice comments today in the Irish Times of British Ambassador Paul Johnson.

Good morning, and welcome to our coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral today. The funeral takes place between 11 a.m. and 12.15 p.m., but the celebration will continue throughout the day. Guests began arriving at Westminster Abbey. At 10:30 a.m., the coffin of the queen will be carried by rifle carriage to the monastery, and at 10.44 a.m., the royal family will follow the coffin to the monastery. At 1 pm the coffin will be taken to be heard and it will take exactly two hours and six minutes to reach St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle for its final resting place.