Ru aims to recover from the biggest disappointment

Dublin champion Carla Rowe says there’s plenty of hard work around the corner before the new season casts, and she’s looking forward to recovering from the biggest disappointment of her career. She was Dubs Shocked by Donegal in the TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship Quarterfinals He missed the opportunity to face the meth final champion in … Read more

Penalties struggle with under-21 loss in Israel

Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland (AET) Israel won 3-1 on penalties A campaign that began more than 12 months ago with a win in Bosnia in Tel Aviv ended in a heartbreaking fashion as Jim Crawford’s Under-21 team lost the European Championship play-off on penalties. After more than two hours of running out of energy … Read more

GoT star discusses ‘painful’ relationship with father

Maisie Williams has spoken candidly about her “painful” relationship with her father, which she says left her feeling like there was “something wrong” with her. The 25-year-old actress grew up in Somerset with her mother and three siblings, before finding fame as Arya Stark. Game of thrones At the age of 12. Maisie Williams found … Read more

MAFS UK breaks down in April after calling newlywed Thomas the ‘fake guy here’

On Monday night I watched Married at First Sight UK Thomas Hartley and fellow contestant April Banbury quarrel at a couple’s retreat with him, calling the former Miss UK a “fake”. Thomas, who is married to Adrian, and April, who is married to George, have struggled for harmony since an earlier dinner party where they … Read more

Teardown clarifies that Apple iPhone 14 Pro is not pro-fix • History

Apple’s iPhone 14 can be repaired more easily than its predecessors, but its Pro model retains the architectural inaccessibility of older iPhones and withstands replacement parts, even the original Cupertino set. in video Posted on YouTube, repair advocate Hugh Jeffries recently completed the disassembly of two iPhone 14 Pros he bought for $3,500 and found … Read more

Late Brady penalty keeps Ireland from humiliating draw with Armenia The42

Republic of Ireland 3 Armenia 2 An Irish victory stunned, enraged, encouraged, frustrated, and ultimately proved nothing. This team has at least found bold new ways to have the same conversation. This was a stress-free match in the League of Nations until it wasn’t; The mysterious relief that causes 20 minutes of sweaty mayhem that … Read more

Overwatch 2 is starting to sound like a free nightmare

picture: Blizzard with Monitor 2Only a week after its releaseBlizzard has offered more details about what will be different in the free-to-play sequel, and it sounds rough. While returning players will have access to all of the game’s returning heroes, new players will have to play close to 100 matches to unlock them all. A … Read more