Bake Off’s Janusz Domagala defends co-star after fan criticism

The great british bakes Spoilers follow.

The great british bakes Janusz Domagala defended co-star Rebs Lightbody from online criticism after the Biscuit Week episode.

Some viewers watching the show tweeted that they felt that Rips was asking her fellow bakers for help too often.

However, Janusz was responding to those comments, explaining that editing the show didn’t paint the whole picture.

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“I’m already done ahead of time and before I was actually asked to offer help. You can’t watch everything on TV. #Teamrebs,” Wrote in one answerAnd the add later: “I offered a helping hand to Rebs as I finished before time, you just don’t watch it on TV! You just see Rebs ask me but it’s pre-showed!”

Ribes herself responded to the negative, Twitter: “Please remember that you see a small, modified snippet of life in the tent, so everything is not always what it seems… Please be kind X”

Janusz also responded to that tweet, telling his co-star “I love you baby.” she jokedsaying, “I love you, King, I promise I will not ask for your help when you are done again.”

Ribs, The Great Briton Bake Off 2022

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The latest edition of The Beloved Competition saw the garjit missam eliminated after it collapsed during the challenges of the biscuit industry.

I wrote in her farewell letter: “Going from the bread in my kitchen to the tent just shows that you shouldn’t underestimate your passion because it can take you places you never imagined.

“I can now say that I am part of a very exclusive company undo my family, and I gained 11 new amazing friends that I will keep for life.”

The great british bakes It is broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK. In the United States, it is known as The Great British Bread Showand streaming on Netflix. Bake: extra slicehosted by Tom Allen and Jo Brand, will air Friday at 8 p.m. on Channel 4.