Breathe easier with Coway’s world-class, technology-leading NOBLE air purifier

The idea that our homes are our sanctuaries became more and more apparent when we had to spend all our time indoors during the height of Covid-19. Although we’re a little more aware of the invisible enemies swirling in the air now, choosing the right air purifier can provide major benefits that help us wake up with clearer sinuses and less coarse throats. Moreover, as more workers return to the workplace, understanding the potential risks of coronavirus particles circulating through the office ventilation system is critical to restoring a sense of confidence and comfort among employees.

Contrary to popular belief, air pollution in our homes does not occur from traffic and factories outside, but primarily from what happens indoors. However, with so many air purifiers on the market touting different benefits, how does one choose a quiet assistant that reduces air pollution and allergens? all new, World Class Coway NOBLEEquipped with a host of the latest technologies and innovations, it can be just the breath of fresh air you need.

NOBLE, the first 4D filter of its kind in Malaysia, uses 360° filtration to capture, clean and circulate air from every direction. The function of the modern air purifier, which is no longer as unique as it was before, strives to offer a comprehensive solution to everyday hygiene problems. Hence, NOBLE’s adjustable panels that allow custom setting of airflow direction and circulation are easy to use. When the normal mode is on, it cleans the whole space by rotating the fresh air in 360 degrees; The forward mode quickly and intensively removes allergens in highly polluted areas, while the rear mode maintains air quality by providing a soothing, calm breeze.

Just as we are in the process of keeping every nook and cranny in our home free of dirt, Coway is meticulous about the way fresh air enters our homes. Even without the presence of the coronavirus, the large amounts of mold, pollen, ozone, and organic compounds that form inside our homes as by-products of cooking, cleaning or building materials can be dangerous to our health. To prevent this, Coway has created a six-step filter that includes a 4D filter, a smoke and allergen filter, a 4D Double HEPA filter, and two deodorizing filters. Combined with the ultraviolet C (UVC) sterilization function that keeps bacteria like E.coli at bay, the powerful NOBLE system can effectively eliminate a range of contaminants such as smoke, dust particles, pet hair, odor and harmful gases.

Homeowners and families (especially with young children) do not have to worry about airborne viruses like NOBLE, which can cover an area of ​​up to 66 meters2 , also equipped with the latest dual HEPA filter that is certified to inactivate 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2, influenza A (H1N1) and human coronavirus (HCoV-OC43) omicron variants. This new technological breakthrough not only doubles your protection with its antibacterial and antifungal properties, but it also prevents the spread of contaminants by reducing the performance of virus-specific cell membranes and proteins. Furthermore, it removes up to 99.999% of ultra-fine dust with particle sizes up to 0.01 micrometers.

The right air purifier will have a positive and noticeable effect on your health, but a well-designed and attractive device can blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home. Housed in an elegant and elegant gray case that is easy to look at, NOBLE has won numerous international awards, including Good Design Award 2021, iF Design Award 2021, Good Design Korea, Pin Up Design Awards, Bronze Award at the iDEA Award 2021 and the RED Award dot 2021 and 2022.

The controls, mounted on a zero-pressure touchpad that allow you to choose your favorite settings with a gentle swipe, are instantly intuitive. Casters under an invisible bottom help you easily move the purifier if you need to reposition it or move it to another room. For added convenience, an LED indicator – with a built-in PM1.0 sensor that can detect the slightest fine dust – gives you a visual readout of real-time air quality in a jiffy. Pollution levels are displayed numerically in four illumination stages: good (blue), normal (green), poor (yellow) and bad (red).

Bringing a quick respite into your home has never been easier when the NOBLE comes equipped with dust, light and gas sensors, along with four modes: Smart, Turbo, Eco and Silent (quiet enough to reduce sleep disturbance).

Being more aware of our health is more than just understanding what we’re putting into our bodies – paying more attention to the unseen exposure we deal with on a daily basis is also important. After all, cleanliness is the new luxury as we seek to filter toxins. Although air purifiers are quickly becoming a popular household item, Coway’s latest addition to its successful collection of technology inventions proves that they can look as good as they perform.

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