Canelo Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin III: Champion Takes Triple Fight “in Person” and Says “Nobody Takes Like Me!” | boxing news

Canelo Alvarez is a world boxing superstar, multi-weight champion and expert in over 60 professional competitions.

But he admits that this weekend’s confrontation with Gennady Golovkin will be the most personal fight of his career.

“Yes, I think so,” Alvarez said. “It would be very nice for me.”

Saul Canelo Alvarez stands for his middleweight titles

Alvarez and Golovkin have fought twice before in the middleweight divisions. Their first competition in 2017 was a highly controversial draw. The rematch was delayed when Alvarez was suspended for six months due to a negative drug test result which he blamed on eating contaminated meat.

When the second fight eventually took place in 2018, the Mexican won by majority decision.

As far as the fighters are concerned, their business is far from over. Golovkin, upon arriving in Las Vegas for his third fight, declared for the super middleweight competition where Alvarez is now the undisputed champion, “It’s not just for me, [it’s] for sports. I want to regain the standing of boxing, I want a clean sport.”

Comments questioning his integrity infuriate Alvarez, who said: “The date we had, after the second fight spoke a lot of things about me, which is why I take this personally.

“It means a lot because everyone will remember this trilogy, so it means a lot to me.”

Their hostility is deep. Even his mother “much hates Golovkin”.

Kazakhstan's Gennady Golovkin poses for photos after a press conference at Madison Square Garden in New York, Thursday, August 22, 2019 (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
Despite two controversial results, Golovkin scored no victory over Alvarez. (AP Photo / Richard Drew)

“You will hear a lot of bad words from my mother in the yard,” Alvarez said with a smile. “But that’s what it is, it’s my mom.”

Although Golovkin was never stopped, Alvarez would go for the knockout punch. “Look, that’s my goal,” said the hero.

“But you never know in boxing. That’s my goal. I prepare myself for that. But you never know. I’ll jump in the ring and fight with my head. That’s my goal, I’ll try every fight to finish the fight before the 12th round. But you never know.”

The Mexican is a massive body punch and will target Golovkin right there. “I think it hurts really badly in his body, which is why I will work a lot on Saturday,” he said of the Kazakh.

“He’s still going strong and it’s going to be a good fight,” Alvarez added. “I think this fight will be the best of the three.”

Although he still holds all four major titles at middleweight, Alvarez is losing. In May, he climbed to the Light Heavyweight Championship and was knocked out by WBA champion Dmitry Bevol.

Canelo Alvarez suffered a shock defeat to Dimitri Bevol in his WBA lightweight heavyweight title match on Saturday night.
Canelo Alvarez suffered a shock defeat to Dimitri Bevol in the World Light Heavyweight Championship match in May.

“Everything matters,” he said. “I want to win every battle. It’s important to me and my legacy.” “I learned alot [from the Bivol defeat]. I just learned what I don’t need to do in bootcamp and in combat. I’ve learned a lot, and learn from everything.”

He was fighting regularly before that match. One of the lessons he took from that last fight was not to be too active. He won’t win again this year after Golovkin.

“I fought four times in 11 months, so I think my body needs some rest between fights,” he explained. “I need to slow down. My body needs a rest, so I’m going to slow down a bit this year.”

But Alvarez insists the loss to Bevol did not harm his standing in the sport.

“I have nothing to prove. In my position, no one takes such risks,” he declared.

“In my position, I don’t need to take risks. But I do take risks because I love boxing. I love what I do and I love challenges. I don’t need to prove anything.”