A new-look offshore wind construction concept has been introduced to stem the looming bottleneck in the United States

An innovative offshore wind farm concept was launched today (Monday) by ONP Management and Renewable Resources International (RRI) to help respond to the looming installation bottleneck facing developers building the first gigawatts of projects in the US Atlantic. The so-called Feederdock – which relies on a U-shaped crane vessel that can moor the tow barges … Read more

‘Flying’ launches zero-emission Belfast service – The Irish Times

Plans have been revealed for a new “flying” ferry that will begin operating between Belfast and Bangor in 2024. Built by Artemis Technologies, the EF-24 passenger ferry is entirely electric and produces zero emissions. Unveiling the new ferry’s design on Monday, the company said it’s “the world’s most advanced 100 percent fast ferry for fast … Read more

Ireland 2023 budget: caregiver calls for ‘€1.32 an hour’ to scrap finances test – ‘we’re afraid to open bills; throwing crumbs at us won’t make a difference’

Family Care Provider Lisamari Hodgins McMasters hopes she and 500,000 other caregivers in Ireland will not be left behind in tomorrow’s budget. A 40-year-old mother of three from Dundalk, Co Louth, provides around-the-clock care for her two young daughters, both with special needs, as well as her five-year-old son Ryan. Her nine-year-old daughter Kelly Rose … Read more

Mortgage rates in Ireland: Thousands of homeowners face massive surge in mortgages as Pepper and ICS raise their rates

Thousands of homeowners whose mortgages were sold to petty cash have been subjected to huge interest rate hikes. ICS Mortgages is set to raise all of its new fixed rates by 0.5% across all loan-to-value bands starting early next month. The five-year fixed interest rate for those with a 90% loan-to-value ratio would be 4.19%. … Read more

Electric Ireland tells politicians they have ‘no choice’ but to raise prices for customers – The Irish Times

Electric Ireland will tell politicians it has ‘no choice’ but to bill more customers due to the ‘astonishing’ rise in gas prices. Its CEO Pat Finlon will appear before the environment committee at Oireachtas next week where he will be questioned by TDs and senators about the price increases. The meeting had been scheduled for … Read more

How to stop expensive heat from escaping from walls, windows and ceiling – The Irish Times

Staying at home has never been more expensive. The energy crisis means the average household will pay around 2,000 euros for energy over the next twelve months compared to last year. space heating will be more than 60 percent of the cost; Hot water is about 19 per cent. Spending crazy money on your heating … Read more

What you need to know about the collapse of the pound sterling

Sterling fell to an all-time low against the US dollar overnight as traders in Asia digested the UK’s “mini-budget” announced by new chancellor Kwasi Quarting on Friday. Why has sterling suddenly become so horrible? Sterling fell as low as $1.04 before recovering somewhat during the morning, but with the possibility of dollar parity on the … Read more