Coronation Street alludes to the exit of the lion in Stephen’s story

Coronation Street spoilers Follow.

Coronation Street It will broadcast a high-stakes confrontation between Stephen Reed and Leo Tompkins next week.

Next episodes see Liu doubts about Stephenwho has spent the past few months trying to deceive his family.

Viewers know it Stephen is in financial difficulty And try different malicious tactics to solve the situation.

While Stephen’s mother Audrey Roberts and the Platt family aren’t aware of Stephen’s bisexuality, a new story sees Leo starting to figure things out.


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Early next week, Leo is having his own drama when his father Teddy vehemently opposes his relationship with Jenny Connor.

Teddy Liu is accused of “dumping his life” on a woman twice his age – and argues that Jenny can’t be trusted.

This leaves Leo uncertain about his future with Jenny and confiding in Gemma Winter about his suspicions.

Leo soon turns his attention back to proving Stephen is lying to Platts.

Stephen Reed, Leo, Coronation Street


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Leo talks to a real estate agent recently hired by Stephen to secretly appraise Audrey’s house. Then he overhears an interesting conversation between Stephen and His estranged wife, Gabriel.

Shortly thereafter, Leo confronts his new opponent and reveals that he now knows all about Stephen’s plan to steal the property rights from Audrey’s house and pay off his debts to Gabriel.

Stephen is angry and follows Leo over the factory bridge. Leo remains undeterred and mocks Stephen, even threatening to call Audrey and tell her everything.

Stephen Reed, Leo, Coronation Street


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The next morning, Jenny tells Daisy Midgley that she is worried about Leo because he hasn’t been home all night.

Jenny tries to call Leo, but his phone keeps going straight to voicemail.

Daisy suspects Leo must have caught a cold and left Weatherfield without Jenny. But after Leo’s encounter with Stephen, is there more?

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