Coronation Street brings back Simon Barlow after an unexplained absence

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Coronation Street Simon Barlow brought back after an unexplained absence.

The character has been off-screen for several weeks without any real reason, but suddenly cast member Alex Payne reappears during the Tuesday (September 20) episode.

It wasn’t the most juvenile look, but Simone was hanging out with Aaron Sandford (James Craven) when Adi Elhan (Adam Hussain) was Show them the ring to Kelly before the engagement party.


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Simon had a fairly straightforward verdict: “That’s really cool, isn’t it?”

There wasn’t much else for Simone on Tuesday’s hour-long episode, but he’s likely to appear at Kelly and Addie’s engagement party later this week…that If Kelly actually makes it to the party alive!

While Alex Bain was off screen, he was busy. Back in July, keep going Romantic vacation in Spain with partner Molly Lockwoodwhich would have happened close to screen break time.

The couple shared plenty of beautiful photos from their beach vacation on social media, including crashing waves while Alex poses for Molly in his arms under the moonlight. Sounds like an epic journey!

In addition to playing Simon Barlow on the Stones since 2008, the actor is also the father of a young man A daughter named Lydia Rose – He credited my on-screen dad with Chris Gascoigne with Support your parenting journey.

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“He always took care of me in real life too,” Alex said. inside the soap last year.

“When I had a baby I was worried at first, and Chris was there by my family’s side to help. I can’t describe Chris in any other way than for him being truly amazing, and one of the most talented actors I have ever met.”

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