Coronation Street – Kelly’s Exit and more soap spoilers

Soap spoilers follow.

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(Friday at 8pm ITV time)


The truth about kill rick Kelly is bent on getting Gary to pay for her father’s murder. She approaches Todd on the pretext of asking her about a friend, she asks if he has any suspicious contacts, but he refuses.

Kelly is then called to the police station to identify her attacker, and after it is revealed that she has never seen Keiron before, she approaches the villain and offers him £10,000 to kill Gary.

With her plan coming together, Kelly then tells Adie that she’s booked their tickets to Bangkok, but doesn’t mention it’s one way.

Later, with the engagement party in full swing, Kelly’s hatred overpowers and she tells Gary that she knows what he did to her father. Running after her, Gary finds Kelly standing in the street with Kieron, and before he can do anything, he gets out of the cold and is thrown into a truck.

Upon reaching their destination, Keiron and fellow serial killer Al Gary lead through the woods to the same spot where Rick was killed. They hold him at gunpoint and force him to start digging his grave.

As events escalate, Kelly also finds herself in mortal danger when Keiron take it to the surface An abandoned windmill reveals his plan to kill and then frames it to kill Gary. Moments later the gun went off – Was Kelly killed?

2. Emerdel: Liam moves towards Bernice

(Tuesday at 7pm on ITV)



As Layla and Liam struggle to move on, a recovering junkie breaks down on Priya, admitting that she may have damaged her marriage irreparably.

Lily isn’t the only one needing a dump, as Liam turns to Bernice’s ex-flame for comfort. Ex-boyfriends start reminiscing about the happy times, and get caught up in the moment, weak Liam Moves to kiss.

Bernice was shocked by the GP’s lead and walked away, insisting he needed to tell his wife what had just happened. However, Liam can’t bring himself to admit the truth and is delighted when emotional Laila agrees to give things up again.

Watching Bernice from afar, he sees Laila crying and mistakenly assumes Liam told her about his indiscretion. Wanting to clear the air, Berenice approaches her friend and remembers the kiss, leaving Laila affected by her husband’s infidelity.

3. East Enders: pregnant fetus

(Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

Janine Butcher, Mick Carter, Eastender


Knowing she’s got a hands-on battle to keep Mick, Janine surprises her buddies with a romantic day trip, despite feeling the weather.

Janine soon learns that it will conflict with Linda meeting her lawyer, and realizing that she would benefit from winning back her rival in love with Annie, Janine urges Meek to go.

Later, Sonia brings a sick Scarlett to The Vic and Janine is convinced that they have made the same mistake. But as she tends to her daughter, events take an unexpected turn when Janine suddenly faints.

Sonia accompanies her to the hospital, where doctors reveal Janine He is actually pregnant. Immediately, Sonya urges Janine to tell Mick about the baby, but she struggles with what to do.

Meanwhile, in Sharon, Mick tells Linda how much he cares for her and will help her fight to get Annie back.

As the day of Linda’s hearing approaches, the nervous mother decides it’s time to declare her love for Mick, unaware that Janine is carrying her child. Is she heading towards heartbreak?

4. hollyox: Victor kidnaps a master

(Tuesday at 7 p.m. on E4 and Wednesday at 6.30 p.m. on Channel 4)

Mr. Sumner and the Brotherhood of Victorious in Hallows

lime pictures

Despite Juliet’s warning him to stay away from Victor, Sid agrees to accompany the dangerous merchant to his mother’s funeral, realizing the feeling of losing a parent. However, it soon becomes clear that Victor is plotting an evil plan when he makes a call from prison.

As the day of farewell arrives, Sid insists he will be safe because Victor will be surrounded by armed guards, but a worried Juliet is not convinced and decides to go check on him.

Juliet’s fears come true after the funeral when Victor puts his escape plan into action. Sid and Juliet are taken into captivity. History repeats itself when a drug lord orders Sid to sell a load of equipment, warning if he doesn’t succeed, Juliet will pay.

5. Emmerdale: Millie and Clemmie Clash

(Tuesday at 7pm on ITV)



Tensions rise at Home Farm as Millie and Clemie clash over their new family dynamic.

The feud isn’t just about young people, and an argument soon erupts between Kim and Dawn when the lady of the palace coldly announces that Clemie won’t be staying for the long haul.

Disturbed by Kim’s decision to have her adopted child swap bedrooms with Millie, Dawn begins to panic about her upcoming visit from social services.

With not everyone able to coexist under one roof, Gabe announces that she and Thomas will be moving in with Bernice for a while, but Kim is angry and blames Clemmy.

Later on, Dawn is thrilled when social services confirm that Clemmie can survive. But her happiness turns to horror when she hears a scream and accuses Millie Clemie who bit her.

6. Coronation Street: Liu Knocks Stephen

(Wednesday 8pm ITV time)

Stephen, Leo, Coronation Street


When panicked David reveals he thinks the stream in his garden is opening up again, Leo offers to do a full survey. But just as Audrey suggests Platts stays with her while the work is done, Leo annoys Stephen.

Arousing his suspicions, Leo thinks Stephen is hiding something, and the penny finally drops when Audrey reveals that she came back from the spa day early to find an appraiser from real estate agents in her home.

Liu confronts the deceitful businessman and husband Come to blowsbut when David threatens to call the police, Stephen is quick to stop him.

Stephen begins trying to explain himself, but is interrupted by the sudden arrival of his wife Gabriel. But that’s the least of Stephen’s worries when Leo announces that he’ll do whatever it takes to bring him down.

7. EastEnders: Alfie returns to the field

(Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

Alfie Moon, Eastender


Embarking on the next phase of his plan to get Cat back, Alfie set up a market stall to try and pull off his boat. Kat isn’t impressed, telling Alfie he’s past his welcome at Walford, but she’s clearly getting a kick out of seeing him back in action.

Alfie’s legendary banter attracts a crowd, but as soon as the drag starts to gain momentum, Honey orders him to vacate the unlicensed booth – much to Phil’s delight. Alfie hasn’t had any luck yet, and jumps at the chance when Jean offers him a place to stay at No. 31.

Later, Phil and Kat are upset to discover that Alfie will be their new neighbor. As Phil’s concerns grow about his love rival, confesses to kat He heard Alfie confess his love for her.

8. Hollyoaks: McQueens worried about Silas

(Thursday at 7 pm on E4 and Friday at 6.30 pm on Channel 4)

Goldie McQueen in Hollyox

lime pictures

Goldie goes back to her old tricks this week when she blackmails Tony into letting her be a carnival fortune teller. But as she uses her mystical powers to read Diane, she develops a terrifying premonition that something horrific is going to happen.

Believing Silas is about to strike, Goldie trusts Yazz and Jack, unaware that they are recording her on their podcast. The McQueen family is enraged when they hear about Silas’ scoop, and John Paul asks Yaz to take her down, warning her of the serial killer’s ability.

Meanwhile, Mercedes decided that she and Bobby would be safer away from the village.

(Wednesdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5)

nikau and tane parata at home and outside

Channel 5

Since Tex is denied bail, Rose admits to Xander that Tani was involved in dropping bikes. He agrees to keep quiet about his cooperation with the police, but as news of the gang’s arrest surfaces in the local newspaper, Tani and Nyikao find themselves at the center of the drama.

With all eyes on Paratha’s husband, Rose warns that they should ignore negative press coverage and not risk blowing up their cover. But as the gossip swirled, Nikau learned from John that the Surfing Commission was reviewing his position as a paid lifeguard.

Unable to fend for himself, Niko is helpless and forced to admit defeat at the committee Canceling his dream job. In desperation, he turned on Tani, who bravely decided to fall for his nephew.

Looking for John, Tani explains his bike involvement and insists Nikao was at the scene because he was looking for him. His sacrifice earns Niko his job as a lifeguard, but John warns Tani that this could mean the end of the surf club’s gym lease.

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