Coronation Street reveals the outcome of Toyah’s trial

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Coronation Street A dramatic episode aired this evening as viewers found out about the verdict Toyah’s trial.

earlier this year, Toyah and Imran Habib were involved in a car accident After leaving the police station. Imran pulled Toyah out of the car, and rescued her, but while she was sent to the hospital, Imran suddenly went into cardiac arrest and eventually died.

Later, flashback episode He revealed that Toyah and Imran had argued in the car ride about his lies in court when they tried to get custody of Alfie. Toyah later the spider admitted it She was actually intending to crash the car and she was deliberately trying to kill Imran. Toyah’s sister Lian heard this conversation.


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Then Toya was brought to trial for the murder of Imran and the outcome of the dramatic case was announced in tonight’s episode, which was initially postponed due to ITV’s coverage of ITV. The death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The jury found Toya not guilty of murder, but while that might sound like good news for Toya, she was clearly not happy with the outcome. She said she didn’t feel like partying and wanted to be alone, while also indicating that she knows what she really is.

Saira made matters worse when she confronted Toyah and said that she had robbed Alfie’s father and would never forgive her. spiderHowever, he is thrilled that Toya was found not guilty.

“I’m so glad the jury got it right,” he said.

Coronation Street


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He later said that he plans to stay with Toya and would even choose her over his job with the police if that was the reason. However, Toyah said she is ready to return to her active life and try to save the planet, looking for a distraction and a cure for her guilt.

So, while the jury found Twiah not guilty in the dramatic trial, her story is far from over.

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