Coronation Street – Shanick Sterling Brown on D.D. Bailey

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Coronation Street Introduces a new member of the Billy family next week as Ed and Aggie’s daughter DD Up to Weatherfield.

dd dd often mentioned Since the Bailey family moved out on the street in 2019, but now we’ll finally see how she interacts with her loved ones as they move home from America.

The new character works as a lawyer and will appear to help her brother James after Weatherfield County drops him from the team. It will also play an ongoing role Stu Carpenter’s story.

digital spy I recently caught up with Channique Sterling-Brown, who plays Dee-Dee, to get some early rumors about what the store has in store.


How do you feel about joining Korean ejaculate?

“It’s still a bit surreal, if I’m totally honest. I’ve had a great time so far. Everyone is so cute and so lovely and they just hugged me completely, especially the whole Bailey family. So it was great. It’s just crazy and I’m smiling.”

Dee-Dee has been mentioned quite a bit over the past few years. Did you have personality awareness before you joined?

“When the Baileys joined, they were the first Black family in KoreanIt was big news all around, wasn’t it? So even though I wasn’t an avid observer at the time, I was like, ‘Well, what is this? Impressive!’ They were talking about the daughter, but I obviously didn’t make any connections at the time.”

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I am from a small town in West Yorkshire. I grew up here half raised, half south in Hertfordshire. I moved to Manchester after my graduation and have been here for about four years.

“I was supposed to do my first big job at the beginning of 2020, but then obviously a pandemic happened. So these last 18 months really resurfaced again. You graduate, you find your feet and then you get hit by a pandemic! But it was a good opportunity. to be more creative.

Dee Dee and Aggie Bailey on Coronation Street


How long have you auditioned for the role of DD?

“My first personal recording was in the beginning of April, so it was a very long process. I remember taking the synopsis and laughing to my friends saying, ‘This character is just like me.’”

“I was really fortunate to go to my first screen audition, which was with Lorna Laidlaw, who plays Aggie. She was so cool – so warm and made me so comfortable right away. I was at Roy’s Rolls and that was just me and Lorna and it was perfect, to be honest.

“It was the final screen test with all of the Baileys and by that point we had made it to the last three of us, so it was very risky. But then again, everyone was pretty cool.”

what happened after that?

“In the midst of all the chaos, I was given a teaser phone at the screen test scene. I made the scene and put it in my pocket. We cut out after a few shots and left. I don’t know what until he made me realize, because I wasn’t home yet. But I just stopped and said, ‘” I have the phone in my pocket!”

“I was like, I just stole. I stole from KoreanLiterally, I called my agent and said, “What do I do?” They were like, “Get it back, it’s okay!”

“So I got it back. I stopped outside the front desk and ran. As I was walking out, I ran into Ryan Russell, who plays Michael, and told him I took the phone!”

“We had a lovely conversation and he was so encouraging, he made me feel very good, even if I didn’t get the job. He made me feel as an actor that I did a good job. It was such a blessing for me because I left in a high place.”

How did you know you’d get the part?

“I was on a bus when I found out. My agent called and told me about it, and I’m not going to lie, I burst into tears. It was overcome.

“The first person I told was my best friend. I pointed her to FaceTim and she saw me crying. I guess the sign wasn’t very good because she started saying, ‘What happened?'” What’s wrong? I can’t hear you, you’re about to break up. So, we had to go back and forth – and then the message finally got through! “

Michael, Dee Dee and James Bailey on Coronation Street


How did your family react?

“I didn’t tell my mom, during this whole process, that I was doing this because she was so excited. After I found out and signed it to FaceTimed, I said, ‘So I have to tell you, you’re looking at the new system on the day’ Korean“.

She screamed and started dancing and then said, Are you sure about that Korean Isn’t it transverse? I’m like, Cheers Mom! I only had three years of training and £40,000 in debt! “

“I’m like, ‘No, it’s definitely real pebbles, mom.’ And she’s been so happy ever since — she’s so excited to tell the world.”

How would you describe D-D?

“An organized mess is the way I describe it. She walks into any room, she rushes inside and she has a great personality, but she also works really hard. She’s a great lawyer and she knows what she’s doing.”

“I relate to her because I think I’m pretty much the same, in that I’m really friendly and really talkative. But when I’m in the zone when I work hard, I’m there.

“Even the fact that D-D is a lawyer – I wasn’t originally going to drama school and was going to train in law. I got a place in law school, but at the last minute dropped out and decided to pursue drama school.

“Even everything about the way Dee-Dee is described and the way she wears, that she changes her hair all the time, she just looks like me.”

Michael, Agee, Ed, DD, James and Ronnie Bailey on Coronation Street


How did it feel to meet the Bailey family?

“They fully embraced me. Even before we shot anything, I came in for my hair and wardrobe testing and they were all huddled around me.

“The boys came down and were watching me in the makeup chair and then took me to the wardrobe. They were checking clothes saying, ‘I like it, I like it’.”

“Lorna came and bought me lunch because I’ve been in a proper wardrobe for hours and hours [Michael Georges, who plays Ed] There was too. They were so kind to me, like a second family right away.”

What else can we expect from Dee-Dee?

“Dee-Dee is going to bring a lot of fun and a lot of mayhem – but in a good way, I hope you make a friend in Alya, which is really cool. They delve deeper into Stu’s case and are looking forward to seeing if Dee-Dee can clear him.

“I think this is going to be really exciting for viewers, because obviously it’s a very big and engaging story. Two little girls are on a detective case. I think it’s really cool and it’s exciting to see where that goes.”

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