Coronation Street spoilers (September 26-30)

Coronation Street spoilers Follow.

Next week day Coronation StreetThere are high stakes scenes where Stephen and Leo face off.

Elsewhere, James gets a useful ally when his sister Dee-Dee arrives in Weatherfield, while Stu’s fight continues to prove his innocence.

Here’s a full compilation of 13 upcoming big moments.

1. Leo doubts his future with Jennie


Leo’s father Teddy confronts him over his ongoing commitment to Jenny, claiming he is making the mistake of pledging his future to a woman twice his age. Teddy also declares that Jenny can’t be trusted anymore Her last kiss with Stephen.

These words struck Leo, who confesses to Gemma that he doubts his relationship.

2. Stephen confronts Leo

Stephen Reed, Leo, Coronation Street


The lion continues with his mission To prove it Stephen Lies to Platts. He searches for the real estate agent who recently tried to appraise Audrey’s house, then eavesdrops on a conversation between Stephen and. His estranged wife, Gabriel.

Now armed with enough information to expose Stephen’s lies, Leo confronts him. He explains that he knows Stephen is planning to steal shares from Audrey’s house and use the money to pay off Gabriel.

Stephen is clearly worried, following Leo over the Factory Bridge. The situation heats up when Leo taunts Stephen and threatens to tell Audrey everything.

3. Jennie is afraid that Leo has left her

Jenny Connor, Coronation Street


The next day, Jenny told Daisy about it Leo is nowhere to be seen He stopped answering her calls.

Jenny and Daisy wonder if Leo is feeling cold and has left Weatherfield alone. But after the intense feud with Stephen, could there be another explanation?

4. Teddy shares some harsh words

Teddy, Coronation Street


Later in the week, Teddy visited The Rovers and was surprised when Jenny explained that Leo had apparently left for Canada without her.

Teddy shows no sympathy, claiming that Jenny has only herself to blame for her betrayal.

5. James doubts his future

Coronation Street


James is frustrated about his future as a footballer His last health fear.

He confides in Age how he feels that he will never return to the same levels of fitness again. As James doubts his future in the game, Ed and Michael suggest that he shouldn’t make any hasty decisions.

6. Dee-Dee Bailey arrives

On coronation street


Ed and Aggie’s daughter DD Finally arrives in Weatherfield from the United States.

Dee-Dee, who works as a lawyer, is intrigued when her brother James reports that Weatherfield County is offering him a small sum to leave the team.

After wasting quite a bit of time, Dee-Dee arranges a meeting with the club and insists James deserves a better exit deal.

7. James struggles to move forward

Nathan Graham as James Bailey in Coronation Street

Joseph ScanlonITV

James is looking for a new direction by attending a job interview at Bistro, but Debbie is unimpressed when he admits he’s not really interested in the bar job and is just trying to please his family.

Later, Lily thanks James for giving her a soccer lesson, revealing that she joined the team. James is left thoughtful when Lily credits him with her success.

8. Dave hangs out with Bernie

Bernie, Dave Alahan, Coronation Street


While cleaning up for Dev, the squeaky Bernie missed by smashing a passionate golf trophy that Addy once won.

Dave fired Bernie, leaving her worried about the money. Bernie decides to call Similar to her VernNeed another way to make some money.

9. Bernie impersonates Fern

Bernie Winter Coronation Street


It wasn’t long before Bernie wore some of Verne’s best clothes in an attempt to impersonate her.

Bernie claims she did a job interview and left the quads with Paul for a while, but what do you really intend to do?

10. Dave Apologizes

Bernie Winter Dave Alahan Coronation Street


Dave eventually apologizes to Bernie for his poor response to the broken cup. After the recent drama surrounding it son of my agentDave admits that he blames himself for failing to protect Addy.

Bernie makes Dave feel better by insisting that no one could wish for a better father.

11. Evelyn starts a new job

Evelyn Plummer, Coronation Street


Evelyn starts working in a charity shop where Hayley’s red coat is recently finished.

Joy bosses supervise Evelyn and issue some ground rules for working together. Later, Evelyn announced that she plans to visit Cornwall for a few days.

12. Jasmine confirms her support for Stu

Coronation Street


Yasemin returns from a trip to discover that Speed ​​Daal is currently closed after his recent issues, which stem from the bad publicity surrounding Stu.

Although Stowe has repeatedly offered to step aside in the restaurant, Jasmine promises him that they can rebuild the company and find a way to clear his name.

13. Stu Follows New Guide

Stu Carpenter, Coronation Street


Dee-Dee agrees to begin overseeing Stu’s case, and suggests they contact Stu’s daughter Bridget about what she knows.

When called by Alia, Bridget supports her mother’s story about the night Charlie was murdered and threatens to call the police because she was being harassed.

DD too Finds an address for LennoxThe cop who was in charge of the Stowe case. Stu heads out to see it, but it remains to be seen if that’s really a good idea.

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