Coronation Street spoilers – Toya Habib in court

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Toyah Habib lied in court about the death of her husband Imran Fei Coronation Street.

Earlier this week, viewers saw Toyah admits Sister Leanne Battersby and her former partner, Spider Nugent, told her that she had intended to kill Imran in their car accident.

The moment of truth occurred in Thursday’s hour-long episode (September 15) when Toya appeared on trial for the murder of her late husband.


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The beginning of the trial was grim as the prosecutor called her a murderer while Lian Tuiah begged not to incriminate herself in her testimony.

At the same time, Spider kept feeling guilt about how he handled Toya’s confession, especially since he faced pressure from DS Swain for information.

Back in the courtroom, Imran’s mother, Saira Habib, told the jury that she had seen Toya kiss a spider – leading her to believe that Toya had killed Imran because she was having a secret affair.

As Leanne struggled to defend herself, Toya finally decided it was time to speak for herself at the witness stand.

Coronation Street


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Toyah made the decision to lie before the court, claiming that she only found out about Imran’s lies and confessions after the incident.

With the entire situation now in the hands of the jury, Tuya Lian now admitted that it doesn’t matter to her if she is convicted as she will live with Imran’s murder for the rest of her life.

Georgia Taylor recently told digital spy who – which She’s not completely convinced That Tuya is responsible for Imran’s death.

She told us, “I got out of there thinking, ‘I don’t quite know if she did it or not. We capture that moment.”

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