Coronation Street star Greg Wood reprises the role of Rick Nylan

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Coronation Street He brought back Greg Wood as crime boss Rick Nylan in the last episode.

As predicted in The teaser trailer last week In Millie Gibson’s final week, Rick reappears in a ghostly form in the life of his daughter Kelly to push her to take revenge on Murdered by Gary Winds.

Tuesday’s episode brought Rick back as a figment of Kelly’s imagination, citing Shakespeare with a beer in his hand to defend revenge on his behalf.


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Kelly heard: “Hey Kelly Tots, here’s a bit of Shakespeare for you: ‘He who dies pays all debts.

Kelly took these words seriously when she asked Todd for some help finding elusive contacts, but he encouraged her to go to the police instead with her suspicions about Rick.

The teen met the police later, only to have a conference with Craig to identify potential suspects in her kidnapping. Kiron noticed one of her father’s former followers, but pretended she didn’t recognize him.

Kelly then met up with Kiron outside the police station to offer him £10,000 for Gary’s murder. Later, Gary notices something is going on and wonders why Kelly doesn’t recognize Keron at the police station.

Kiron, Kelly Nylan, Coronation Street


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Kelly set out and met after me to suggest they turn their engagement party into a departure party, then leave the stones forever.

Meanwhile, Gary’s suspicions continued to grow after Todd shared all about his conversation with Kelly earlier. Then it was discovered that Kelly was planning to remove £12,000 from her trust fund to pay for an engagement party and a trip apparently.

Kelly was quick to get to work preparing Gary’s murder, and met up with the killer Keiron to now pay him £5,000 – with the promise that he’ll have the rest once Gary dies.

Gary Winds, Kelly Neylan and Uday Olayan on Coronation Street


Viewers know that Kelly’s revenge plot will be derailed when Keiron turns against her, forcing her loved ones to help… Race against time to save her Before it’s too late.

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