De Zerbe is a ‘risk’ because he ‘does not know our game’

Graeme Souness believes Brighton’s appointment of Roberto de Zerbe as the club’s new coach is a “risk” because he “doesn’t know our game”. oh dear.

After Graham Potter’s departure from Chelsea, the Seagull was looking for a new boss.

Brighton may have found a strong philosophical match in Roberto de Zerbi

It was announced Monday evening that De Zerbe is the man to take the AMEX hot seat, after signing a four-year contract.

Brighton’s job is the Italians’ seventh in management having started his career after playing for Darvo Barrio in 2013.

His careers have gotten bigger and better throughout his managerial career and he has now reached the Premier League after successful spells with Sassuolo in his home country and Ukrainian outfit Shakhtar Donetsk.

Unfortunately for De Zerbe, he will be hugely unsuccessful as he has never played or coached in England.

That’s according to former Liverpool player and manager, Souness, anyway.

Sounis has been in a frenzy lately — even by his standards — and his Tuesday rants about de Zerbe are weird, elusive and generally rude-worthy.

He starts by saying it’s a “risk” – like anything in football.

Why is it risky? Because he doesn’t know our bloody game. man game. Brighton should have brought on Sean Daichy because he knows what it means to be a manager in the Premier League.

Brighton may have admired De Zerby and his knowledge of the club, but Souness sees it right.

Truthfully, the Italian coach didn’t know Brighton existed this time last week and was rescued by Google.

“I think it’s a risk,” Sunis said on TalkSPORT. “You’re bringing in someone who doesn’t know our game.

“Because of modern technology, you can use Google; they said he was impressed with their knowledge of Brighton, what they did and the way they were trying to play. He could get that from Google, mostly.

“Listen, he went for an interview, so he spent a few hours on the Internet, getting as much information as he could. That’s not work of genius.”

Really cool. The “he doesn’t know our game” stuff is perfect.

“I think bringing someone with their resume, seven jobs in nine years, is a risk,” Souness continued.

“If you’re a top coach, people will want to stick with you.”

The thought of De Zerbi taking a step from Benevento to Sassuolo and then another step to play in the Champions League with Shakhtar Donetsk should leave him, but no.

Leaving Shakhtar, however, has no excuse. It’s not like there’s a war or something going on in Ukraine.

Souness continued: “It’s like being a player. If you were a player you had 15 clubs and 12 clubs, that tells us a lot about you.

“If people want to keep you, they will keep you because you are a really good player, a really good kind of place.

“It’s like if you spend a lot of money on a footballer, you ideally want someone who has played in your league, scored goals in your league, been always good in your league, no surprises, injury free.

“They are hiring a manager who has no history in the English game.”

Let’s just think about this for a minute.

Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Erik ten Hag, Bruno Lage, Jesse Marsh and Ralph Hessenhuttl are all current Premier League coaches who did not play or coach in England prior to joining their current club.

Arsene Wenger didn’t know our style of play, he came from the J-League, and he literally changed the landscape of sport in England.

Then you have Marcelo Bielsa, Mauricio Pochettino, Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte and others who didn’t know our game and might have used Google to their advantage.

TalkSPORT Then host Jim White tried to argue the other way, saying that Graham Potter came to England to manage after gaining experience in Sweden.

However, Souness argued that it is different because Potter is English.

And about De Zerbe, Souness continued: “He does not know anything about the league, he does not know the players and the question I asked about what the football players in the club will be to help him, he will need help. It is a big risk.”

Oh dear, Graeme.