DJI announces Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal and OM Magnetic Phone Clamp 3; Now available at B&H Photo

New York–() – B&H is pleased to announce the promotion Osmo Mobile 6 and corresponding OM 3 . magnetic phone clip For the most compact all-in-one imaging solution for your content creation needs.

Design improvements

compared to its predecessor, DJI Osmo Mobile 6 It has the same size built-in extension rod and 3-axis stabilization for ultra-smooth video. However, the updated version offers improved button controls and locks for more intuitive control. The status panel allows you to view the position of your gimbal more accurately. Axle lock locks the gimbal when not in use to prevent strain on the motors and make storage more convenient, and a side wheel can control zoom and focus. Overall, the Osmo Mobile 6 joystick has been generally improved for a more comfortable grip and a smoother operating experience.

Interface and function

Internal improvements on the smart gimbal improve the quality of your video while making setup more efficient. The Mobile 6 features magnetic alignment detection to ensure your phone is properly installed on the hub. This ensures that the hub will not suffer damage to its motors if it is not aligned and that your smartphone is safe before use. Looking to upgrade the rack? go to the OM Magnetic Phone Buckle 3 Which can accommodate larger smartphones up to 3.3 inches and 10.2 ounces with the included case. Built-in LED lights on both sides of the clip improve the visibility of your image for great lighting in your vlogs without the need for an additional accessory.

Improvements to DJI’s ActiveTrack interface also come with the new ActiveTrack 5.0 for more stable tracking at longer distances and enable the use of the front camera to track your target. Quick trigger capabilities allow you to pick up the gimbal and start shooting without the need for tedious rebalancing. The integrated mode button switches between the gimbal modes seamlessly.

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