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A fund to send well-known local musician Anne Nee Mahoney to Mexico for cancer treatment has received an amazing response from Donegal fans.

Anne’s daughter Rose launched the Go Fund Me page to highlight her mother’s fight against the dreaded disease and to raise funds for her treatment.

Anne, sister of Gaoth Dobhair’s Altan Mairead star, is known and loved in Irish traditional music circles as a beautiful singer and musician.

She was first diagnosed with cancer in November 2020 and after extensive treatment she appeared to be winning the battle again with the disease.

However, Róise has now revealed that just two weeks ago, not long after celebrating her 57th birthday, her cancer returned.

Róise tells the story of her beloved mother.

“During a difficult time in a global pandemic, Ann was fine. Then, in November 2020, we received the devastating news that Anne had a large cancerous tumor that had spread to her liver and lymph nodes. She had liver surgery and a colostomy on Eid. Birth before six weeks of intense radiation and chemotherapy begin in the new year.

Major surgery in April 2021 successfully removed the tumor, including the lymph nodes and appendix, and removed the entire uterus. Although her journey hasn’t been linear, including some other surgeries due to postoperative complications, Anne has completed 12 more sessions of chemotherapy. Finally, she finished her last dose in May 2022. The doctors were happy, and she was told she was cancer-free.

Anne’s writer, Myriad ni Mahoney

“Two weeks ago, not long after celebrating her 57th birthday, we received the heartbreaking news that the cancer had returned to her pelvic bone. Doctors told us it was ‘incurable’ and that the only treatment available to her now in Ireland was palliation. Their opinion is that she has months to year left.”

But Rose said her mother would definitely not give up on her struggle for life.

She said that those lucky enough to know Ann knew her free spirit and her passion for life and adventure.

Her daughter said: “A mother, sister, aunt, friend who is selfless, generous, kind and incredibly loving – she always excels at those she loves, and now it is our turn to do the same for her.”

The cost of treatment and the treatment trip to Mexico is the first hurdle that the family has to overcome now.

But the public’s response has been astonishing in just six days since the fund’s launch.

The family’s Go Fund Me goal of nearly €80,000 has been met, but Ann’s aftercare will also be expensive and the fund will remain open.

The family says Anne faced many barriers in getting needed healthcare from Donegal, particularly the cost of staying in Dublin for long hospital treatments.

They say they are very grateful to Donegal Cancer Flights & Services for supporting Anne’s trips and say travel for treatment would not have been possible without her.

While creating huge financial burdens, cancer also removed Anne’s ability to earn a living.

The family learned the hard way that without adequate PRSI contributions, self-employed people cannot claim sickness benefits.

As a result, in the past year, Ann had no choice but to return to work along with her chemotherapy which added unnecessary hardship to her healing journey. With her latest diagnosis, she is now unable to work and has no source of income.

But her daughter Rose said, “We have no doubts that Anne can defy the odds. She is a fighter and will not give up. We have identified an integrative oncology in Mexico with promising statistics to find a cure or give her a longer and better life.”

“We are also looking at supportive therapies such as hyperthermia therapy and castor oil therapy. Any chance of life or life extension is all we want, and we hope to achieve.”

If you would like to support the Ann Fund to reach Mexico for a vital cancer treatment, please see

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