Don’t Worry Darling movie review: Harry Styles delivers a woody but not scary performance in a silly, hilarious drama

Don’t Worry Baby (16, 122 min)

Receded by a certain amount of negative publicity beforehand, Olivia Wilde’s dystopian drama hits movie theaters laden with blistering subtexts: Who hates who, who sacked who, who doesn’t speak to whom.

Fortunately, our job is not to pass judgment on the actions of theater celebrities, but to determine whether their film is worth watching or not.

visually, do not worry my love A little bit of fun. Wilde was meticulously filmed by Matthew Lipatick, in a walled suburb in what looks like 1950s America.

Surrounded by high desert, bathed in constant sunshine, Victorian Californians seem enviably fortunate, no more so than Alice and Jack Chambers (Florence Pugh, Harry Styles).

Lovely, passionately attracted to each other and childless by their choice, Jack and Alice live in a spacious bungalow, funding their high lives from his shadowy job at the nearby “Victory Project.”

All the guys work there under the supervision of Chris Pine, the kind and smiling founder of the project.

Every morning, husbands put on elegant suits and headed for the nearby hills, leaving their wives at home to gossip, and looking after the children if they ate and drank.


Chris Pine plays the role of the founder of The Victory Project

Alice is especially friendly with her neighbor Bunny (Olivia Wilde), who knows the ropes and gives scathing reviews of women who fall short of Victory’s high standards.

It talks about women like Margaret (Kiki Laine), Alice’s ex-girlfriend who wanders into the desert knowing it’s totally off-limits and now seems to have lost her mind.

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When Alice bumps into her at work, Margaret tries to explain that something is wrong and Alice begins to wonder if everything isn’t quite as it seems in this idyllic town.

Spoilers are stopping me from going any further Don’t worry my love plot, but it sometimes felt as if one was watching an extended episode of Twilight Zone.

Of the many online heaps this production has sparked, perhaps the most ruthless has been the attack on these amplifiers.

in do not worry my lovehis director and off-screen partner Wilde paired him with Pugh, as instinctive and talented an actor as one could possibly face him.

Doing so is a bit like cruelty to animals, because Styles, who is only learning his trade, can’t hope to compete with Pugh in terms of passion and honesty.

Nor is it: The patterns are perhaps a little wooden, but they’re not as horrific as some suggest. His problem, and indeed everyone else’s problem, is that they are stranded in a ridiculous and pretentious film that lacks the courage of his convictions.

Themes of male entitlement and America’s retro scramble to the right have been explored, but only sporadically, and my belated contextual reveal made me wish I’d bring some bread rolls to throw on screen.

Pugh is excellent on a lost cause and brings Wilde much-needed wits to the proceedings as the catty neighbor, but do not worry my love She is after all a hollow drum, pleasant to look at, but unkempt.