Dundee United fans sing “Lizzy’s in a box” during a minute’s silence for the Queen

“99 percent of Ibrox, showing absolute respect, one or two, should go home and look at themselves in the mirror”

The Light Blues confirmed that they planned to honor their home game, along with singing the national anthem before kick-off.

However, boos and cheers could be heard from the corner of the stadium which housed several hundred Terrors fans which brought boos from some at home to support the United fans after the national anthem.

All matches will be preceded by a minute of silence in memory of the Queen except for the Paisley match between St Mirren and Celtic.

But when fans and players noticed it at Ibrox, Dundee United fans booed and chanted “Lizzy’s in a box,” an offensive song about the Queen’s death.

Rangers fans in the crowd were seen angrily pointing at the fans in the small section of the stadium as they disrupted the trial.

“99 percent of Ibrox, who show absolute respect, one or two, should go home and look at themselves in the mirror,” said Tom Miller, a longtime Rangers commentator.

According to the Scottish Daily Express, others have taken to social media to blow up Dundee United fans.

“Dundee United fans humiliate themselves during a minute’s silence for the Queen,” wrote the Heart and Hand podcast, while Argentine journalist Hernan Federico Pacheco added: “Dundee United fans are disingenuous.”

“Dundee fans should be ashamed of themselves,” said Scottish singer Nathan Evans, Scottish singer Nathan Evans, and journalist Jonny MacFarlane wrote: “A disgraceful chant from Dundee United fans during the minute of silence. This is exactly why the matches were canceled.”

“Is it really too much to ask that you put political opinions aside for 60 seconds and act with some decency and dignity?” he added.

“Instead, we get a vile hymn that has nothing to do with the Republic and everything we do is as horrible and offensive as possible.”

Victoria Rangers added: “Dundeeunitedfc united the fans….who did it…the scum of the earth. I would have dragged everyone out of the stadium now and not let them watch the game. dundeeunitedfc You must be very disappointed in your fans.”

Several videos were posted on social media showing the bad behavior of Dundee United fans who constantly booed during the minute of silence.

This was in stark contrast to the flawlessly behaved Rangers fans. The Ibrox side released a special program of the game in memory of the Queen.

The behavior of the Dundee United fans came after Celtic fans were criticized by commentators for raising offensive banners in the Champions League away game in Warsaw against Shakhtar Donetsk.

Talaght Stadium was also smeared with pro-Loyalist graffiti in response to a chant sung by Shamrock Rovers fans on the day Queen Elizabeth II died in the stadium last week.

Slogans saying “God Bless Our Queen”, “UVF” and “Linfield FC” were sprayed onto the stadium’s east runway wall.

The message appears to have come in response to the cheering of Shamrock Rovers fans in last Thursday’s Europa League match against Swedish club Djurgardens, which elicited a portion of Rovers’ support singing a song about the Queen’s death.

Since then, Shamrock Rovers have condemned the cheer.

On Wednesday night in Warsaw, Poland, a section of Celtic fans displayed a banner reading “F*** the crown” ahead of the UEFA Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine.