EastEnders airs Rose Ayling-Ellis’ exit scenes with a nice touch

East Enders Spoilers follow.

East Enders He aired Rose Aaling Ellis’ exit scenes, with a nice touch for Frankie before going.

BBC One capped the first half of a double bill on Thursday (September 22) by saying goodbye to beloved character Frankie in bittersweet scenes as she headed to a new job in Scotland.

next A powerful final story about consentThe feud between Frankie and Mick grew this week when she was considering leaving Walford for a new job opportunity.


Linda helped Meek give Frankie his blessing, which means it’s time to say goodbye. What was supposed to be a departure party turned into an even more dramatic turn of events when Frankie found out that Janine had an appointment to terminate her pregnancy.

Frankie went to Mick to encourage him to support Janine By her tough decision, though, this could mean some big changes in her departure plans.

All the chaos that followed meant there might be no one to go with Frankie on her trip to the airport, which was a scary idea.

After Sonia suggests heading to the tube station alone, Frankie has one last chat with Mick, Linda, and Shirley as she reveals that she’s going to make a valiant trip to Scotland on her own.

When Mick helped her put on her backpack, he noticed that she wrote her name as “Frankie Carter” on the card.

“I didn’t make it official, but it felt fine,” she told her father, crying.

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When Frankie set off, Linda lovingly joked, “It was a crazy chapter in our lives, wasn’t it?”

“Most popular by far,” Mick said sarcastically.

Fans won’t have to wait long to see Rose Aaling-Ellis again on screens because she confirmed it Actively working on developing comedy TV series They will play the starring role. We can’t wait!

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