EastEnders’ Janine Butcher faces a dilemma after discovering a baby

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East EndersJanine Butcher will face a dilemma tonight (September 21), in the wake of her life-changing baby news.

Janine was shocked when she found out she is pregnant On Monday’s episode, during a trip to A&E with Sonia.

Janine, who has been feeling noticeably unwell all day, raises alarm after collapsing upstairs at The Vic.


As Janine tells the news in tonight’s scenes, Sonya encourages her to tell Mick what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Mick continues to be distracted by his estranged wife Linda – after pledging to help her get Annie back.

Mick assures Linda that he still cares about her and will do everything in his power to ensure she gets the right result.

Janine, Linda Carter, Mick, Eastender


With Mick becoming increasingly busy, Janine struggles to find the time to be honest with him.

She’s not the only one either, as Frankie is also preparing to tell Mick about her plans to move to Scotland.

She finally told Mick about her new opportunity, but she got an unenthusiastic reaction.

Janine Butcher, Mick Carter, Eastender


As Mick tells Frankie’s departure, Janine faces some important decisions about her pregnancy.

Sonya insists Janine needs to share this with Mick, but what will Janine decide?

It remains to be seen, but the story will continue to unfold throughout the week as the oblivious Linda prepares to declare her love for Mick.

Talking to digital spy And other media at a press conference recently, its boss Chris Clinshaw showed He said: “Janine finally got everything for her in Mick and the Vic, but we all know how strong the bond between Mick and Linda is and that the love between them is really deep. But then we know what Janine is and what she is capable of.”

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