EastEnders’ Janine Butcher reveals pregnancy in shock scene

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Janine Butcher revealed her pregnancy to shock rival Linda Carter East Enders Interesting ending.

A drama-filled double bill on Thursday (September 22nd) saw the discovery of Frankie Janine is pregnant and was Planning to get quit without telling Mick.

Frankie went to Mick with what she had learned, but she encouraged him to stand by Janine. This was a sweet and bitter moment for father and daughter As Frankie left the arena To get a job in Scotland.


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Mick rushed to the clinic just in time to be with Janine, but they couldn’t really come to terms with what to do. Mick will end up leaving before she knows what decision Janine has made.

Later, Janine meets Mick after he sees Frankie on the subway station to assure Mick that she didn’t get the termination. The pair engaged in a hug, but it was clear that Mick was struggling with his feelings for Linda.

With Linda hearing close, Shirley tries to convince Mick that he needs to be the one to tell his ex-wife that Janine is pregnant with his child.

Mick went with Linda to the hearing, and just as he was about to share the pregnancy with her, she was called out and given full custody of baby Annie!

Once they were back on the scene, Linda opened up to Sharon about how much she appreciated Mick’s involvement in the search for an expensive lawyer to represent her in court.

Janine Butcher, Sharq


Sharon couldn’t wait to throw this fact in Janine’s face, only to be shocked by the news that Janine is expecting Mick’s baby. Far away, Janine’s daughter Scarlett also heard the news.

Linda reaches out to Vic to share her feelings for Mick, but is ruthlessly interrupted by Janine as she announces her pregnancy despite her spite.

“Mick and I, we have a baby,” announced a mild reaction from the pub.

However, Janine can expect trouble in the future due to Scarlett will threaten all lies She’s been telling us for the past several months.

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