EastEnders’ Scarlett thinks of cheating on Janine because of the accident evidence

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East EndersJanine Butcher may be arrested next week, when her daughter Scarlett considers her cheating on her.

Janine tried so hard to frame Linda for causing her Their dramatic car accident Back in the summer, the truth has yet to emerge regarding the accident.

Linda still believed she was responsible, as Janine led her to believe she was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

However, the incriminating image In Carter’s kitchen it could be the key to Janine’s downfall.

In a future episode, Janine discovers that she is pregnant and this ignites the next chapter of her story.


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Scarlett – who knows the truth about her mother’s role in the car accident – begins to panic when she hears Sharon and Linda discuss her relationship with Janine.

Scarlett is still groggy from what she heard, and gets an idea when she notices Janine in the back of Frankie’s picture.

Scarlett told Linda that she needed to talk to her and began sharing her concerns about her mother’s involvement in the accident.

Janine, Linda Carter, Mick, Eastender


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As Scarlett thinks of telling Linda the truth about what Janine did, Linda realizes that there is something she didn’t tell her.

As she tries to interrogate her for more information, a sudden change in Scarlett’s heart occurs and she quickly escapes.

Eastender, Janine, Scarlett


Unaware of what’s going on, Mick tells Janine that he’d like to take Scarlett to meet his kids that evening.

Janine was excited at first, but started to panic when she learned that Scarlett was with Linda. She began to worry that she could not trust Scarlett with her dark secret.

Later, Scarlett returns to Linda’s house… but will she reveal what she saw in the photo? Will Linda find out that Janine was responsible for the accident?

Find out in next week’s episodes.

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