Emmerdale confirms new major feud with Kim Tate

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Emerdel He made more trouble at Home Farm, where Kim Tate and Dawn Fletcher fell again.

The couple is currently enjoying a friendly relationship despite their past differences, but things are about to deteriorate thanks to Kim Mili’s granddaughter.

The upcoming episodes see Mielle struggle to live side by side Clime RedThe young girl Dawn and her husband Billy are currently looking after.

Things come to a head when Millie accuses Clemie of biting her during an argument.


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When it becomes clear that Millie was lying, Dawn is frustrated by the situation.

Will Taylor, Kim’s future husband, is simmering with resentment over her decision to fire Dawn following the tensions.

Things get even worse for Kim when Millie’s other grandmother, Hazel, returns to the village to pick up Millie.

With Millie and several members of the extended family going against her, Kim begins to realize just how lonely she is.

Kim Tate, Will, Hazel, Emerdel


Kim Tate, Hazel, Emerdel


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The next morning, Kim and Will struggle to breakfast in a frosty atmosphere hanging over them.

Will is upset that Dawn is refusing to attend his upcoming wedding due to Kim’s recent decisions.

Kim realizes she has some makeup on, so she heads out to apologize to Dawn. will you work?



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Emerdel Chiefs recently nominated Kim and Will as two watching as ITV soap heads towards 50th Anniversary Celebrations next month.

deadly storm It will hit the village with Christmas episodes, which center around Kim and Will’s wedding.

Executive Producer Jane Hudson recently quipped: “Everyone’s involved. It’ll be easier to tell who’s not involved. There’s Will’s wedding, so anyone associated with Kim and Will has a major role to play.”

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