Emmerdale spoilers – Kim takes on a nursery challenge for Millie

Emerdel Spoilers follow.

Kim Tate takes on a nursery challenge for Wendy Posner’s Millie in Emerdel.

Three episodes aired Wednesday night (September 15) to heighten tensions between young Millie and Nun Kim after the baby heard some not-so-nice words about her father, Jimmy.

Millie was staying with Kim at Home Farm after her other nanny, Hazel, was injured in Physical confrontation with Jimmy.


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Episode three began with Kim talking to Harriet about Millie running away from home, unhappy with the number of policemen looking for the baby.

Harriet reminded Kim that all police resources have already been deployed and the villagers have joined the search as well. Additionally, it is not possible that Jimmy has kidnapped Millie since he left the country.

Kim noted that he “could have paid someone else to do it, or I might have had a traffic accident.”

Kim confirmed that there are no reports in the hospital of any such injuries. Sure enough, she later showed up at the café to see Millie run away to Wendy’s house – where she lived with her mother, Andrea.

When Kim stepped in to take Millie home, Wendy argued that it wasn’t a good idea for the baby to stay on the Home Farm.

Wendy Posner in Emerald


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“I think it would be better if you stayed with me,” Wendy insisted.

Kim tried to explain the situation with Jimmy, but Wendy didn’t budge: “Now you’ve been told, would you please leave us alone?”

Kim argued that Millie was reluctant to be with her only because of the “lies” that Jamie and Hazel fed her.

Kim claimed, “Her mother died, her father is a runaway, and her other grandmothers are in hospital. Right now, I am the only family left for her to live with.”

Wendy replied, “Yes, she’d rather live with me!”



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Bob Hope intervenes to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. At her end, Kim agreed that Millie would stay with Wendy for one night.

“This is not about one night, this is about the rest of her life,” Kim vowed.

Emerdel Actress Claire King recently offered an insight into Kim’s mind right now Millie is back at Home Farm.

“Kim isn’t one of those people who would do something bad to Millie just because she doesn’t like Jimmy. She wants to protect this kid, but Millie feels really unsettled and doesn’t want to be there. Millie wants me back to Hazel and life with my dad and all that’s left” digital spy.

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