Emmerdale star Isobel Steele hints at big shock in Sandra’s story

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Emerdel Star Isobel Steele, who plays Liv Flaherty on the ITV series, has hinted at a huge upcoming development in Sandra’s story.

Regular viewers realize that Liv is currently being manipulated by her mother, Sandra, who is trying to ruining her daughter’s marriage and steal their savings.

The story will reach its climax in the scenes that will air next week When Liv starts drinking again with some encouragement from Sandra, who discovers, after supplying her daughter with alcohol, the money Liv has been saving.


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However, while talking to digital spy And other media around the story, Isobel teased an upcoming development that indicated that not everything would go Sandra’s way.

“It’s just the happy ending that everyone on screen is rooting for, I loved playing it,” she said.

“It’s interesting again and it’s a real shocker, so we’ve been playing it and we have to realize this is coming so the audience will be surprised by it, and I think it pays off really well. It’s a real win.”

Liv Dingle, Sandra, Emerdel


Sandra’s scheming began to take shape when she persuaded Liv to offer the house for sale, but Isobel admitted that if Liv “sit down and looks at him with a clear head,” she’ll realize there’s “no reason she’d want him to leave.”

She continued, “But it’s really well written, you can tell how Sandra was able to manipulate it into making Liv feel claustrophobic in her relationship like no one’s on her side.

Sandra makes her feel that the only person who really knows her, or has her back, is Sandra because of the history she had in the past. But it’s frustrating for the other characters involved, who wonder, ‘Why do you want to leave?’ it has no meaning! “

Sandra Flaherty, Amelia Spencer, Emerdel


As for whether Sandra has any regrets about what she’s doing to her daughter, Isobel added, “I think somewhere deep down she really does care. We wanted to make sure when we were filming these scenes that the tunes were played where sometimes when Sandra sees the havoc she’s caused, There is real passion there.

“She feels guilty for what she’s doing, Liv is her daughter and somewhere deep down there are those feelings, this love for Liv.

“Sandra is a complicated character because she’s so terrible but she comes from a place where he doesn’t know love, despair, bad upbringing, and a bad past with Liv.”

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