Exclusive: When is ‘Shovel Knight Dig’ set? Here’s the official shovel knight schedule

Photo: Yacht Club Games / Nintendo Life

Since the initial launch of knight shovel Back in 2014, the Yacht Club Games’ 2D adventure title has since blossomed into a cult franchise thanks to the inclusion of episodic titles. Dungeon pocket knight shovel And the digging knight shovel. The latter is the latest version of the franchise and is now available on the Switch eShop; Make sure to check out full review For all our thoughts on the roguelite platform.

Of course, in addition to Shovel Knight’s three downloadable story campaigns, the introduction of the Shovel Knight Dig means that the franchise’s overall narrative and lore have expanded exponentially. It begs the question: When does the Shovel Knight Dig take place, and what is the complete schedule for Shovel Knight?

Well, we spoke with Yacht Club Game Marketing Director Celia Schilling to get some much-needed answers. We delve into the aforementioned Shovel Knight timeline, Hexcavators and the Order of No Quarter, and the history of the Mole Knight and Tinker Knight.

Nintendo Life: Given that Specter of Torment was also a precursor to Shovel of Hope, where exactly does Shovel Knight Dig fit in?

Celia Schilling, Marketing Director, Yacht Club: Story wise, Shovel Knight Dig is the first game in the Shovel Knight series. This makes it a prequel that happens even before the specter of torment! You may remember the intro line from the first Shovel Knight game – “Long ago, the lands were untamed, and legendary adventurers roamed them.” Well, the Dig takes you back to those good early days, when Shovel Knight and Shield Knight were hunting together, battling bad guys and hunting for treasure! We hope that fans will be interested in playing the events that preceded the original story.

The official Shovel Knight schedule
Photo: Yacht Club Games

Other than the obvious fact that they are new creations of this game, is there a fundamental reason why there are no new knights in the Order of No Quarter?

First, Drill Knight, the leader of the Hexcavators – as the famous criminal mastermind, would likely see the Order’s job as an entry-level position. Besides…once he formed a dig team, I’m sure he learned that joining a bigger team means a smaller split of fortunes.

As for the Scrap Knight, Hive Knight, and Spore Knight, they likely have their reasons for not joining the system later – reasons you’ll discover by playing the Dig! Regardless, I don’t think a witch would appreciate all the trash, caterpillars, and stings that invade the Tower of Destiny.

And vice versa, is there a reason why the other members of the No Quarter congregation should not join the hexagram?

Hmmm, canon cause? They haven’t met yet! Specter Knight is still Donovan! So, he had stopped doing robbery besides Luan in the Land of the Living. The treasure knight is busy being a pirate. The King Knight is still freelancing at his mother’s house and eating pancakes, etc. Perhaps you’ll learn more in Dig…

As developers, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove has already showcased the story of Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. When creating the Shovel Knight Dig, we wanted to highlight some of the other members of the Order! From there, it was the elimination process. Propeller Knight flies in the sky so it doesn’t make sense for him to be underground. Perhaps the Polar Knight is too much fun underground…and so on. We chose Mole Knight in particular because we thought it was really funny to change his appearance to a different item. Its internal name was “Aqua Mall Night” for the longest time. Maybe in the next game, he’ll have an electric suit or a lawn! As for the Tinker Knight, the little tech villain is a perfect fit. All stealing needs brains behind muscles! We’re sure we’ll feature more of our colorful characters at some point in the future. Who do you think would be fun to see next?

How will this game etch the history of both Mole Knight and Tinker Knight, since they are both Hexcavators at this point?

Shovel Knight Dig has given us the chance to see who Tinker Knight and Mole Knight are as two characters. Tinker Knight has signed with Hexcavators as an Engineer! The little schemer found interest in their interesting problems to solve underground. On the other hand, Mole Knight has bonded with the team after becoming fascinated by Drill Knight’s tunneling prowess! We don’t want to spoil too much, so you have to play the game to learn more about the deep personal dynamics of Hexcavators!

Many thanks to Celia Schilling for taking the time to chat with us. The Shovel Knight Dig is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop at $24.99/£22.49.