FIFA 23 introduces a new anti-cheat system – and fans are angry

FIFA 23 players on PC will get a completely different experience compared to FIFA 22, as EA launches a new anti-cheat system.

The system, called EA AntiCheat (EAAC), is software that downloads automatically with the game.


Career style fans worry that they will be unfairly punished.Credit: EA Sports

It will only run when FIFA 23 is running, and will be uninstalled once the game is uninstalled.

EAAC prohibits anyone trying to use additional software to modify their games and give them an advantage.

Those who use software to modify their games usually do so to give themselves more FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) coins.

FUT Coins are a type of premium currency that can be used to unlock FUT Packs and strengthen your squad online.

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However, giving yourself extra coins may be unfair to other players, who haven’t hacked their game, or bought extra coins with real money.

This may seem like a victory for PC gamers, as the FUT teams they beat, backed by illegal coins, had previously caused problems in the online game.

However, the majority of users seem to be upset with the change.

With the growing concern surrounding online privacy and companies installing software on our computers, some feel that this is another type of Trojan.

One Twitter The user wrote: “It looks like EA has decided to include spyware in the new FIFA 23 game that can have access to everything on your PC.

“Even if EA stays honest, it creates a great offensive force that others can exploit. EA does a great job!”

EA addressed these concerns in deep diving blog About EAAC.

It reads: “EAAC does not collect any information about your browsing history, apps that are not connected to EA Games, or anything not directly related to cheat protection.

Our gaming security and anti-cheat team is made up of some of the best security engineers in the world,

“We are passionate about ensuring that our software does not create any security holes.”

Another concern comes from FIFA’s emotional mod community, which uses third-party software to add qualitative life changes to the game.

This can include better graphics and animations, as well as bug fixes in the program.

in discord Next, a fan argues that this new system should not be forced on offline career mode players.

They write: “All [Career] The pose is held together at the seams using what appears to be masking tape.

“The painful experience of Career Mode is the reason many creators have used PC. It was in order to fix the game you didn’t fix.”

EA is aware of the balancing issues players have had with Career Mode and has implemented a number of changes in the upcoming game.

Among other things Significant improvements to the situationThere is a new Character Points System Which helps players to better balance their characters.

All will be revealed when FIFA 23 is released on September 30th.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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