Garth Brooks’ wife Trisha Yearwood is a huge star in her own right – here’s a look at their relationship

Garth Brooks and his wife, famous singer Trisha Yearwood, will celebrate her 58th birthday here in Ireland.

The country music star is taking a four-day break before the last two dates, which take place today and tomorrow.

Garth previously said the couple would treat their next few days in Ireland as a “second honeymoon,” while also celebrating Trisha’s birthday on Monday, September 19.

Since the two have been spotted visiting Glendalough before stepping into Wicklow Heather’s in the past few days, we’ve got a look at their surprising relationship and why they don’t seem separated.

Who is Trisha Yearwood?

Although Patricia Lynn Yearwood, better known as Trisha, is married to the star, she is a famous country singer in her own right and has won three Grammy Awards.

Born in Monticello, Georgia, she rose to fame in 1991 with her debut single She is in love with the boy, Her self-titled debut album later sold over two million copies.

After his release Heaven is heartache and the power of love In 2007, she took a break from music and published three cookbooks and later started a cooking television series on the Foot Network called Trisha Southern Kitchen.

When did she and Garth Brooks meet?

The couple were friends and musical partners before they started seeing each other romantically.

In 1987, they were both trying to make it big as country singers in Nashville, and they first met at the home studio of songwriter Kent Blasey.

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Trisha said they “shocked” them right away but were married to other people at the time.

Garth told Ellen DeGeneres, “It’s weird because I had that feeling when you just met your wife, but I was married.” [to Sandy Mahl] for 13 months.”

The country singer married his first wife, Sandy, in 1986, and they divorced in 2001.

They share three daughters together, Taylor (30), August (28), and Allie (26).

Trisha was married twice before Garth and has no children.

She married Chris Latham in 1987 and they divorced in 1991. She then married Robert Reynolds, bassist for the Mavericks and they divorced five years later in 1999.

Before engaging in a romantic relationship, Trisha and Garth toured together and collaborated on songs with each other, and it was their first big hit. in the eyes of the other in 1997.

After Sandy divorced in 2001, Garth and Trisha were single at the same time, which is when the stars lined up.

“He was someone I always enjoyed,” Garth told Ellen DeGeneres.

“And we had more in common than I ever dreamed of. And so we started seeing each other after the divorce.

“We knew each other with music, but we had to see each other as people.

“And I must tell you, if you love her and don’t know her, you will love her. If you love her and don’t know her, you will worship her. It’s the real deal.”

Since when are they married?

Garth asked his future wife to marry him in May 2005 while on stage at a party in California.

They then tied the knot a few months later on December 10, 2005, in a private party at their home in Oklahoma.

Trisha, who has now been married for 17 years, said that the secret to their successful marriage is spending a lot of time together, which is why they travel the world and hang out as a couple.

“When we got married, we made a very conscious effort to be together and not apart,” she told Country Living.

“We’ve been married before and it just doesn’t work out when you’re not together. That was kind of the standard of our marriage that we try so hard not to break up with.

“And we actually enjoy each other’s company. How weird is that?”