Graham Potter and Raheem Sterling and a “genius” move to play as a winger

Graham Potter played Raheem Sterling as the most advanced player. However, did he deal with such a strange plan? How did Potter react?

We’re not saying that Graham Potter was set for fall but the sun The match report started from his first match as Chelsea manager, thus:

“Graham Potter didn’t go to a Champions League game until this one.”

Good luck, fella. God will need it.

On the wings of love
Old man Andy Dillon wrote: “So much emphasis is placed on tactics in the modern game that the over-analyzed game is that a positional shift of five yards for a single player leads to equal rapture and fury among hipsters living in the lower blocks and transitions.” . in the sunwhich is easily placed on top of this above The Sun website:

‘Potter’s Sterling position change is genius as he combines with Mount under fire for new Chelsea manager ‘first goal’

‘genius’? We think this could be considered a “rapture”.

The Three Lions star has traditionally played as a winger and even as a central striker at times under Pep Guardiola and Thomas Tuchel.

“But Potter had other ideas.”

Is it?

He. She It pretty much looks like he played as a winger to our eyes and b) the evidence.

“Like Leandro Trossard at Brighton, Sterling used a left five defense with Reece James on the opposite flank, Cesar Azpilicueta, Thiago Silva and Marc Cucurella in the middle.”

Sorry but he did the balls. That wasn’t five in the back. It was obvious that there were three in the back. If we were to insist on a formation, it would be akin to the 3-3-4 method, with Mateo Kovacic tasked with providing cover for Marc Cucurella.

“Despite his lack of experience as a winger, Sterling thrived and was Chelsea’s best player in the first half.”

Let’s get it right for you: Despite his inexperience as a winger, Sterling thrived as a winger.

The value of the pound sterling
and here the Mirror In this tactical innovation:

Many coaches feel rough when it comes to discussing formations. The game is smooth, and the situations are not straightforward. However, seeing the opening scorer, the attacking star’s additional from his £270m summer credit, line up as a symbolic left-back was enough to raise an eyebrow.

“Sterling has arguably not been given a role with these responsibilities off the ball since he was at Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers, yet he appeared to be the home side’s most threatening player long before the finish on his right foot three minutes into the first half. “.

Sterling had no real responsibilities for the ball. All the Chelsea midfielders made more tackles. The ‘silence’ is funny because Leandro Trossard and Sully Marsh, the Brighton wingers, have taken more shots than anyone under Potter this season.

Nobody saw Brighton “raised an eyebrow” in this formation.

This particular excerpt is from “Three Changes Presented by Graham Potter at Chelsea as Two Anxiety Disorders”, so why count one thing when you can count two? See, the numbers are good.

Chelsea drew 1-1 with Red Bull Salzburg after he hit 17 shots, compared to four for the Austrian side. What do you think of the “worried people”? If you answered “not taking risks and conceding goals”, congratulations, because you too can write about football for a very successful website.

Mysterious crossword puzzle
We are human, so sometimes we just click because we have no idea what the title means. This is one example of football. London:

“Graham Potter has a ridiculous gamble of £70m in Chelsea January transfer deal with Thomas Tuchel proven wrong.”

What is the actual f***?

It turns out that the “story” is that Chelsea may recall Bayer Leverkusen player Callum Hudson-Odoi in January.

But what about £70m? Where was this number taken?

And Chelsea themselves revealed there was an option to bring the Englishman back in January if they wanted to. Having started so well in Germany, the country that nearly ended up four years ago after an offer of £70m for the 18-year-old was turned down, it appears to be an even more attractive item.

10/10 for imagination. 0/10 for honesty. 8/10 for “Potter and Tuchel are trending, so let’s get anything old together.”

did what?
We’re talking about …

“What Graham Potter did after Raheem Sterling’s goal as he gave Chelsea the ultimate thanks to Thomas Tuchel”

And what did Potter do after Raheem Sterling’s goal?

Well, we figured out 16 paragraphs in:

“Potter was bobbing, reacting to Chelsea’s chances from his technical zones and extending until another applause when Sterling opened the scoring in the second half, and was generally an understated presence on the sideline.”

applauded. The man applauded. And that certainly deserves a headline that very carefully hints that he may have been unnerved by Chelsea fans who thanked Tuchel.

As we said at the top of the page: Good luck, Fella. God will need it.

Mediawatch was previously unfamiliar with the work London Worldso we were surprised to see this ranking high on Google:

‘Forgotten Chelsea man starts brilliant life under new manager Graham Potter’

This will be the ‘forgotten man’ who started last week against Dinamo Zagreb. We know recent periods of interest are short but…