Grand Theft Auto 6 leak reveals more than 90 gameplay videos

In an unprecedented leak, more than 90 videos are in development Grand Theft Auto 6 appeared online. The leaker posted the videos on GTAForums under the username teapotuberhacker. They claimed to have accessed them directly from Rockstar Games’ internal Slack.

The videos show burglaries, firearms, open-world driving, and conversations in full audio. The footage appears to confirm recent report It’s from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreyer that the game will take place in fictional Miami – possibly a GTA lore vice city – and features a playable female character. The game is clearly in development, with debug programming elements appearing on the screen, but it has many working features.

From the start, there was little doubt about the videos’ authenticity – they were of such scope and detail that they were impossible to fake. Wicked later wrote on Twitter That Rockstar sources confirmed to him that the “early and incomplete” footage leak was real, and said the script was a “nightmare” for Rockstar.

At the time of writing, the videos are still available for download from the links in the original post on the GTA forums, although Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has begun issuing copyright claims against the videos on YouTube and social networks. Social in order to be removed from view. The videos are already so widely distributed that Take-Two’s lawyers may be fighting a losing battle trying to get them off the internet.

In total, there are about 50 minutes of footage. Many of the passages are very short. One of the long videos, which is about three minutes long, shows the player character robbing a restaurant, threatening employees and customers, who react in fear when a gun is pulled at them. Then she and her partner got into a shootout with the police before jumping into the police patrol car and driving. The graphical handling is quite realistic, but still in keeping with the style of the GTA house.

The phrase Vice City can be seen in some passages. At some point, the female character enters a strip club filled with a heavy crowd. More videos showing the shooting and conversation systems.

The leaker said it was “possible” that they would release the source code for GTA 5 And the GTA 6and even a build test GTA 6. On the forums, they took questions related to the source code, and She appears to be sharing legally sensitive information relating to an ongoing court case regarding the fraud amendment of GTA Online.

Even if the leaker didn’t follow or release the source code or a bootable build, this is still a very malicious leak for Rockstar on a seldom, if any, scale. rock star Only confirmed earlier this year who – which GTA 6 It was in “active development”. A Bloomberg report claimed that work on the game began in 2014, after that GTA 5but this progress has been slow and GTA 6 It’s unlikely to be released before 2024. Changes to Rockstar’s corporate culture are said to have reduced developers’ overtime and changed the style of the game itself, with humor unlikely to affect marginalized groups.

Modernization: A hacker claiming responsibility for the leak responded to the GTA Forums series, asking anyone working at Rockstar Games or parent company Take-Two Interactive to contact them. “I look forward to negotiating a deal,” they said.