Grealish v Souness is the faux runner that only International Weekend (and the media) can love

Jack Grealish provided a reasonable response to the criticism. Graeme Souness suggested that “the modern player does not handle criticism very well”. Oh my God.

Hit (back) the road, Jack
international vacation Turning Evan Toni’s ‘fair play’ to Arsenal into a ‘war of words’ And so it comes as no surprise in how Jack Grealish’s response to Graeme Souness is framed.

“I don’t know what his problem is, he always criticizes me” – Jack Grealish responds to Graeme Souness in his latest sarcasm, ” The Sun websiteTakes.

Report ‘Man City’s Jack Grealish responds to Graeme Souness’ criticism ESPN.

Jack Grealish responds to Grim Souness’s criticism – ‘I don’t know what his problem is’ daily mirror.

‘I don’t know what his problem is’ – Manchester City star Jack Grealish responds to Graeme Souness, ‘ metro go to the.

“Jack Grealish bites back at Graeme Souness after criticism of the Liverpool champion”, claimed Daily Express websiteHaving not received the note clearly.

“Jack Grealish responds to criticism from Liverpool legend Graeme Souness with Erling Haaland point,” he wrote. Liverpool EchoFollow the suit but with an easy-to-click dash of the club’s own slopes.

This is the full “response”:

“I don’t know what his problem is with me. He always says things about me. I try not to read him. It’s hard when he’s on Sky Sports and everywhere around the training ground sometimes. He was a great player and won a lot but I don’t know what’s with me.

“I know my ability. I know he used to say things about me, I don’t move the ball faster, but when I play for a manager like Pep Guardiola and he asks me to keep the ball as long as I can and I have the balls to take everywhere, that’s what I’m going to try and do.

“I am very critical of myself. I know there were matches, especially in the second half of last season, where I wasn’t at my best. I got fit, I had a strong pre-season and unfortunately I got injured in the second game. But I will just try to get this back.” Fitness because I know I’m not 100% yet. But I will always have people on my back.”

So Incredible diplomatic response in the face of relatively regular provocation. Like Jacob Steinberg Watchman Grealish seemed amused, he says, when asked about Souness. To use the dictionary definition, he did not actually attack or criticize anyone who attacked or criticized him at any point. But reality is very boring when there is controversy to manufacture it.

Grill deal
In fact, decide for yourself whether Grealish “responds” at all:

It’s not exactly Carragher vs SimpsonReally?

chop together
It is clear that the next phase of the cycle has been set: responding to responding to responding.

Which means we get Sounis say TalkSPORT That Grealish shouldn’t be “too precious” before claiming that “the modern player doesn’t handle criticism well”.

This, of course, the Scotsman continues his “war of words” with the England man – so he says MailOnlineThe biggest story in football is lunchtime.

By the way, this will be the same Graeme Souness who World Cup winner Paul Pogba said to “Put your medals on the table” and Who demanded it Tyrone Mings “Bring it, son” when both dared to respond quite calmly and rationally to his constant agitation, telling Grealish not to be “too precious” before claiming that “the modern player does not take criticism well”.

Fans Fantasy
It’s safe to say that daily Mail This is Chris Sutton Not exactly in touch with England’s fan base. This is the only conclusion that can be drawn from this line:

The 4-0 defeat at home to Hungary in June was the first time England fans had beaten Gareth Southgate, with Molyneux booed and chants of ‘You’re going to be sent off in the morning’.

England fans have turned to Gareth Southgate literally every time he’s called the starting line-up over the past five years or so.

youth way
Manchester United are convinced that Frenkie de Jong is committed to a move to Old Trafford. United insist they will not pursue the player if there is any doubt about his commitment to make the move” – ​​Neil Costis, the sunJuly 15.

FRENKIE DE JONG has revealed he never wanted to join Manchester United in the summer even though his future at Barcelona was up in the air at the time – Joshua Mbo, The Sun, September 22.

rod for your back
a Daily Mirror website The headline ‘Manchester City star Rodri makes clear Liverpool’s point of view as he delivers tough rule in the Premier League’ is a relatively poor headline but achieves its only goal of getting a flick.

In the first paragraph, we were told: “Manchester City star Rodri has sent a subtle shot at his team’s long-term title rival Liverpool by insisting they are ‘less effective’ this season.

This is a “hidden shot” in its entirety?

“The level of the Premier League is so high that once you slow down, you lose points. Liverpool are not in a crisis, they are just less effective, and the Premier League does not allow you to relax.”

This appears to be just a statement of facts about a Liverpool side who lost nine points in six games after losing just 22 in the whole of last season. that they be Less effective.

a kiss from a rose
‘Derby AX coach Rosenior just three months after Rooney resigns with Warren targeting’ – The Sun website.

Can You “Lay Off” a Temporary Manager? More than that, can you “AX” a temporary manager?