Here’s the Apple Watch price in France in 2022

and you know, apple Three new watches introduced during the keynote on September 7, plus Iphone 14 and AirPods Pro 2.

with the Apple Watch The Cupertino SE 2, Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra offered a wide range of features and price. Specifically, with inflation, the French fee schedule has evolved.

New Apple Watch is more expensive

As with the iPhone 14, Apple revised its prices upwards on the Apple Watch side, due to the falling euro and the explosion in production and transportation costs. Thus, the iPhone 14 that could have been sold for 909 euros last year is now found at a price of 1019 euros. With regard to Apple tocantes, the difference is smaller, but relatively nearly identical in the 8 series.

But there is still something good newsletter. The Apple Watch SE 2022 is cheaper (don’t look for logic) in an attempt to conquer the teen market. In fact, the entry-level watch, which has not changed much since the Apple Watch SE 2020, is shown in €299For 329 euros for his predecessor. Permanent 10% off purchase of one or two bracelets.

On the Apple Watch 8 side, it is essential to count €499 For the 41mm version, for 429 euros for the Apple Watch 7. This strong increase is hard to beat because the number “8” uses the same chip, the same screen, the same boxes and most of the sensors. Adds “only” car accident detection, satellite link, and temperature sensor.

Next, the Apple Watch Ultra dropped out of the race. Brand new and intended for a specific portion of customers, SOLD OUT PRICE 999 Euro. This is justified by its massive 49mm size, titanium housing and special features such as dual GPS, extra button, diving capabilities and more. But you can’t compare it, it’s the first of its kind at Apple.

Finally, there is always luxury Apple Watch Hermes Which takes the base of the Apple Watch Series 8 and adds a specific dial and case, as well as a bracelet that increases the price 1499 € Over 2000 euros depending on the model. This is 50 euros more than last year, which seems very reasonable.

Refurbished Apple Watch

Apple no longer sells older models like the Series 7 that still has 90% share with the new 2022 release, you have to turn to distributors who still have a little bit of stock, or refurbished offers. As you probably know, these are refurbished models with a one year warranty. In the Back Market, for example, there are Apple Watches in 245 EUR For “SE” or Apple Watch 6 to €299. The “6” also has the same processor as the “8”, which makes it particularly attractive. These are just a few examples among hundreds.

If you have any doubts, feel free to read reviews about refurbished products, you often see very happy customers like Jean-Philippe who bought Series 6 2 months ago:

The watch fully matches the description. It may be refurbished, I can’t find any traces or scratches with the naked eye. Very happy to have an AppleWatch at this price to simplify my life so much! 👍