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Mike Egerton (Getty Images)

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Ben Curtis: He will be out for a short period after a dramatic shoulder dislocation

Mike Egerton (Getty Images)

Ben Curtis has a long run on the sidelines after he dislocated his shoulder mid-race in Ayr on Thursday.

Curtis seemed ready to take on a huge challenge on the end zone coached Roger Fell in handicap Mill, but had to ride the finish with one arm after dislocating his right shoulder when using the whip.

The 33-year-old also dislocated his shoulder while riding the crack regiment to victory in Newcastle in June 2021 and then took five months during the winter to correct the problem with surgery.

However, it was repeated at Haydock in May, from which he rebounded quickly, but the injury he sustained at Ayr will force him to be off the track for a long time.

“His shoulder exploded,” Curtis’ agent Simon Dodds said. “He went to Ayr University Hospital and his wife Shona drove about four hours to go and get him.

“He was very positive on the phone, he’s totally fine today. He’ll take a break and see a specialist – he’ll be out for awhile.”

Despite his frustration, Curtis is keen to put the problem behind him according to Dodds and is focused on getting back into the saddle in the near future.

“The last time this happened, he was only out for a week and came back and rode the winners straight away,” he added. “This time he really wants to get it back to 100 percent so he can get back to doing what he’s best doing – riding the winners.”

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)

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Dandalla (left) shines under Ben Curtis to win Albany

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)

Curtis has been prolific since his first century of winners in 2018. He has ridden 170 winners in his Best of His Career 2020 campaign which also saw him as his first partner at Royal Ascot when Dandala won the Albany Stakes.

The Group 2 winner aboard Sir Busker in York earlier this year had a 19 per cent strike action in 2022 and only four winners were a century away.

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