How to delete a notebook in OneNote

If you no longer use a OneDrive notebook, you can permanently delete it to clean up your files.

You can use OneNote to organize your day, store your ideas, save research notes, or create and share minutes from meetings.

But what if you want to delete old notebooks from OneNote? Did you know you can’t do this in the OneNote app?

However, you can delete a OneNote notebook by following some steps. Let’s explore how.

Where to delete a notebook in OneNote

It is not easy to delete a OneNote notebook as there is no setting to delete it from within the app. First, you have to know where the file is stored on your PC or OneDrive.

By default, every OneNote notebook is stored in OneDrive. However, you can also save it to your computer.

To find the location of your notebook:

  1. Click the current notebook to display a list of all notebooks. Then click More laptops or Open other notebooks In Office 2021.

  2. For earlier OneNote versions, when you hover over a notebook with your mouse, you would get a URL describing its location. In Office 2021, the location will be under the name Notebook.

So if the notebook is on your computer, you will have to delete it from the files folder. If it is on OneDrive, you will have to open your OneDrive account to delete it.

How to delete a OneNote notebook in Windows

Here are the steps to delete OneNote Notebooks from your Windows PC:

  1. to open File Explorer and click File documents Folder. Then double click OneNote Notebooks.

  2. In the OneNote Notebooks folder, right-click on the name of the notebook you want to delete, then click OK delete from the list.

  3. To permanently delete a OneNote notebook, right-click a file trash on your desktop. then choose Empty the Recycle Bin.

How to delete a OneNote notebook from OneDrive

You can delete a notebook from OneDrive if you don’t need it or any of its notes.

  1. Open your OneDrive account. in my files, Double click documents Opens the folder and view OneNote notebooks.

  2. Either right-click on the Notebook you want to delete and click on it delete from the top navigation bar. Or right-click on the notebook and select delete.

  3. click delete Back at the Recycle Bin prompt.

  4. Return to OneNote and click on the current notebook to view a list of all notebooks.
  5. Right-click on the notebook you deleted in OneDrive, and click close this notepad.

Closing the deleted notebook is important, otherwise OneNote will try to sync with a notebook that no longer exists, and you will receive a sync error.

To delete a notebook in OneNote for Mac, swipe up This Microsoft guide.

How to recover a deleted OneNote notebook

A copy of your notebook will remain in the Recycle Bin for 60 days. To restore it:

  1. go to the trash in your OneDrive.
  2. Select the notebook you want to restore.
  3. Either you click Restores In the top navigation bar or right-click on the notebook and select Restores.

The notebook will be restored to documents folder in some time. Also, check out Our guide to steps to take to never lose a laptop again.

Unwanted OneNote notebooks removed easily

You may not have checked, but many unwanted old OneNote notebooks have accumulated on your PC or OneDrive. But now you know how to delete it and keep things clutter-free.