How to get six free guild packs in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Recently held a surprise event over the weekend where players are rewarded with 3 free Loba Bootlegger packs, a special type of guild pack that can usually only be obtained by purchasing with guild coins, the game’s premium currency. These packs give players free cosmetics from the Bootlegger Deluxe Cosmetic Pack.

The event proved so popular that two more have since been announced, but this time, the prize has been doubled – players who participate in the Bootlegger Bonanza and Star Spectacle events will receive a total of three Loba Bootlegger Packs and three Rhapsody Digital Star Packs. Keep reading for a closer look at both events, instructions on how to participate, and a list of all the prizes you can earn by participating.

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a program

The events run for three days and take place on separate weekends:

  • The Bootlegger Bonanza Program runs September 17-19
  • Star Spectacle runs from September 24 to 26


Once the live stream goes live, both events will likely appear in the Hyperbeat Hub, which can be accessed by selecting the Season Event banner on the right side of the main lobby screen. It can also be accessed via the splash screen that appears when you first log in. For now, you can take a look at the cosmetics for each set (or proactively buy some Bootlegger or Star Spectacle Packs, if you like) by selecting the Storage tab near the bottom-right corner of the main lobby screen, then Select “Package Compilation” from the vertical menu that appears on the right side of the screen.

From there, select the “Premium” tab that appears in the drop-down menu. By default, you’ll be taken to the Star Spectacle deck, but you can peek at all the trophies in the Bootlegger Bonanza deck by selecting the bottom two images of the Gold Guild Packs on the left side of the screen.

Events were announced earlier this week via the Hyperbeat Season Hub.


Each Bootlegger and Digital Star Pack guarantees you one item from each bundle-specific set, for a total of six items from the Bootlegger Bonanza and Star Spectacle sets, along with 12 other random items from the standard loot set. At least one reward is guaranteed to be of rare or higher quality. Duplicate items will be transferred to Flux, which can then be used to retrieve items from the “Crafting” section of the in-game store.

The odds of getting items vary based on their rarity:

  • Legendary Legendary Skin – 0.3% chance to unlock it
  • Rare Legendary Skin – 4.4% chance to unlock it
  • Epic Weapon Skin – 1.7% chance to unlock
  • Rare Weapon Skin – 5.5% chance of unlocking
  • Legendary Banner Frame – 1.7% chance to unlock
  • Rare Banner Frame – 8.1% chance of unlocking
  • Epic stats tracker – 8.5% chance to unlock it
  • Epic User Avatar Frame – 8.5% chance to unlock
  • Rare holo spray – 8.3% chance of opening it
  • Rare Weapon Magic – 16.4% chance to unlock it
  • Epic emoji – 8.5% chance to unlock
  • Legendary user avatar – 8.6% chance to unlock
  • Combined Statistics Tracker – 19.4% chance of unlocking

Oddly enough, these odds are only 99.9%. In addition, Epic level user avatar frames have been listed twice – once with an 8.5% chance of being unlocked, and again with an 8.6% chance of being unlocked. Given the difference in rarity and the absence of any mention of rare user avatars (not frames) despite them being in the loot pool, we’re assuming there is an 8.6% chance of unlocking a user avatar from epic level, and an 8.5% chance of unlocking a user avatar frame from epic level epic. We’ve reached out to Respawn for comment and will update this guide when we receive a response.

Awards: Bootlegger Bonanza

Items that can be obtained from unlocking Bootlegger Packs include:

  • Bootlegger Loba Legend Skin (Legendary)
  • Magic Show Lupa Banner Frame (Legendary)
  • Jetline Stream Kraber weapon skin (Epic)
  • TDM wins Loba stat tracking (epic)
  • TDM Damage Dealt Loba Stat tracker (Epic)
  • TDM kills Loba Stat tracker (Epic)
  • Gold Mine Loba user avatar (Epic)
  • I’m looking for a user avatar frame Dapper (Epic)
  • Lovely Luba Emoji Pack (Epic)
  • Performed by Mirage Legend Skin (rare)
  • Blossom’s Lifeline Legend Skin (Rare)
  • Great Plane Weapon Skin (Rare)
  • Wolf Loba Banner Frame Tag (Rare)
  • Vivid Couture Hollow Spray (Rare)
  • Cruise Control Weapon Magic (Rare)
  • SMG Kills Mirage Stat tracker (general)
  • Hunting Rifle Kill Mirage Stats Tracker (General)
  • Pistol Kills Mirage Stat Tracker (General)
  • SMG Kills Caustic Stats Tracker (General)
  • Caustic Stats Tracker Kill Rifle (General)
  • Caustic Tracer Kills Pistol (General)
  • SMG Kills Bangalore Stat tracker (General)
  • Gun Kill Bangalore Statistics Tracker (General)
  • Pistol Kills Tracker Bengali Stats (General)
The Loba Legendary Bootlegger skin is also available on console and PC.
The Loba Legendary Bootlegger skin is also available on console and PC.

Awards: Star Spectacle

Items that can be obtained from unlocking Digital Star Packs include:

  • Digital Legendary Rhapsody Skin (Legendary)
  • Burst to Fame Banner Frame Rhapsody (Legendary)
  • Draw Planet G7 Scout Weapon Skin (Epic)
  • Sniper Kills Statistical Rhapsody (Epic)
  • LMG Kills Rhapsody Stat tracker (Epic)
  • Assault Rifle Kill Rhapsody Tracker (Epic)
  • Rhapsody User Avatar (Epic) Nova Case User Avatar (Epic) Frame
  • This is it! Rhapsody (Epic) Emoji Pack
  • Legendary Pink Octane Ultrasound Skin (Rare)
  • Legendary Pathfinder Cover (Rare)
  • Icicle Snap R-301 Weapon Skin (Rare)
  • Jukebox Tunes Rhapsody Banner Frame (Rare)
  • Rhapsody is here! holo spray (rare)
  • Megaphone Magic Weapon (Rare)
  • SMG Kills Crypto Stat tracker (General)
  • gun kill cipher stats tracker (general)
  • Pistol Kills Crypto Statistics Tracker (General)
  • Sniper kills heir stats tracker (general)
  • Rifle Kill Wraith Stat Tracker (General)
  • Pistol kills Wraith Stat tracker (regular)
  • SMG Kills Pathfinder Stat tracker (General)
  • Shotgun kills Pathfinder stats (general)
  • Pistol Kills Statistical Pathfinder (General)
Digital Star Packs unlock content from the Star Spectacle line of cosmetics.
Digital Star Packs unlock content from the Star Spectacle line of cosmetics.

While the previous Syndicate Pack event simply required you to log in and hit “Redeem” to receive your Bootlegger Packs, the descriptions of the new events refer to the challenges. We don’t yet know what these challenges are, so keep in mind that these exclusive guild packs may be more difficult to obtain than the latter. This event is still definitely worth the breach, regardless of your skill level.

Both events start and end at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

For more information on in-game events for this season, check out Hyperbeat Seasonal Events Guide. Apex Legends Mobile Available for download at Android And the iOS devices.

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