How to get the stylish cooking gadget from Sumeru

Nobody wants to wait for nothing anymore. It’s all about leaks, early access and quick passes, which is enough that HoYoverse has added a tool to Jinshin effect Speed ​​up treatment that takes hours Ingredients. Thanks to the super-heated lamp test model, players can instantly process components for it materials. Note that this is not for cooking actual meals, but for processing ingredients such as pork, cheeseand flour. It’s only about how long it takes to treat them, not the actual effectiveness in terms of their effects. Here’s exactly what a super hot bulb test sample does and where to get it.

What is a superheated burner lamp test model?

The super hot stove lamp appeared in Jinshin effect 3.0 Live Broadcast.

The Ultra-Hot Bulb Test Module is a tool that reduces the time it takes to process ingredients for cooking. It only affects the ingredients you view on the “Process” tab of the cooking menus. Processing of these components may take hours. The super hot bulb cuts that time down dramatically for those who want manufactured components Currently.

How do I use the super hot torch lamp test sample?

The Ultra-Hot Burner does not turn on until you do it beginning Process a component. This means selecting an item in the list to process (and the number of items). Next, click on the timer in progress on the item to see the “Speed ​​up” button added next to “Cook”.

These are the six materials you can use to speed up the processing time:

  • piece of iron
  • white piece of iron
  • crystal piece
  • magic crystal piece
  • starsilver
  • cut amethyst

All of them speed up time at different rates. Iron Chunk, one of the more common metals, will speed up the process at a slower rate than a rare metal like Starsilver.

How do I obtain a super hot torch lamp test sample?

Example user interface for component manipulation using the fitted superheated lamp test model.huyvers

Superheated burner lamp test model is a bonus for access Reputation level 5 in Sumero. You need to complete the final chapter of the Sumero story arc, Archon Quest III: Chapter Two “Dawn” to unlock your Sumero reputation level. A triangle icon indicating where to speak to a Reputable Representative will appear in Sumeru City in the northern half of the map.

Reputation levels are available in all different countries from Mondstadt to Sumeru. If you want to raise your reputation in Sumeru, you need to complete requests, rewards and tasks related to the country. Once the gauge reaches level 5, you should be able to claim the super hot bulb from a reputable representative in Sumero City.

Is the super torch lamp test model worth it?

If you have orcs to spare, sure. Others think it’s a file invention “useless” Compared to mystical augmentation ores that you can trade in instead. After all, processing ingredients is a waiting game. You are will Get it if you wait long enough for it to be processed. There is rarely an occasion when you need these ingredients right away.

The super hot bulb test model isn’t something that instantly grinds. However, if HoYo improves it with additional features, it may be worth it in the future. It’s still just a “test model”.

Jinshin effect Currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS and Android.