Ian Bailey reveals during his year of hell – and the ’emotional’ reason he couldn’t view Sophie Tuscan de Blantyre’s documents

Self-suspecting suspect Ian Bailey revealed how a TV documentary about the murder of Sophie Tuscan de Blantiere led to a year of hell that saw him break up with his partner and hit rock bottom.

But in an exclusive interview with The Irish Sun, the Englishman vowed to set the record straight, in his podcast Ian Bailey: His Own Words.


Ian Bailey ignored the Netflix series about the infamous murder of Sophie Tuscan de BlantyreCredit: Andy Gibson – The Sun, Dublin
French director Sophie was brutally murdered at her vacation home in West Cork in December 1996


French director Sophie was brutally murdered at her vacation home in West Cork in December 1996Credit: Rex Features
Billy split from longtime partner Jules Thomas in March 2021


Billy split from longtime partner Jules Thomas in March 2021Credit: PA: Press Association

The controversial figure said he ignored Netflix A serial about the infamous murder because it was “satanic propaganda”.

But he is preparing to tell his story “in his own words” through his self-produced podcast.

French director Sufi Brutally murdered in the west Cork Vacation home in December 1996.

Bailey, 64, has been arrested twice in connection with the traumatic murder but no charges have been brought against him.

Ian Bailey expected to be interviewed before Christmas about Sophie's murder
Ian Bailey makes his TikTok debut with a weird poem

The mysterious murder was the subject of two documentaries – the crushing blow of Jim Sheridan Murder in the hutwhich was created for Sky and Netflix’s Sophie: Murder in West Cork.

While Billy Collaboration With legendary Irish director Sheridan, he said he had concerns about the broadcast giant’s production.

Bailey said, “I offered a very limited collaboration with Netflix because I didn’t trust it and thought it was what it was – a piece of satanic propaganda.

“And this past year, my life was really, really . . . a number of things fused together to completely change my life.”

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Billy broke up with his longtime partner Jules Thomas In March 2021.

she They sent him a messagewhich she left to read on the kitchen table in her home in West Cork.

He added, “I had a long-term relationship. A lady I loved – I tried to love as best I could over the years. She said the trip was over.”

“And then these two documentaries came out, and in fact, I became kind of homeless.

“It was the end, but I just stuck.”

He told Billy how he “kept calm in the eye of the hurricane.”

“It’s about keeping your calm when everything around you is so crazy,” he continued.

Bailey was arrested and questioned twice by detectives regarding Sophie’s brutal death in 1996 the night before Christmas Eve.

However, no charges were brought against him after the Director of Public Prosecutions ruled that there was no evidence against him.

A court in France subsequently convicted him in absentia of the murder of Sophie in 2019 and sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

Irish Courts delivery refused On the basis of much of the evidence used against him in France were “rumours”.

Bailey has always denied any involvement whatsoever in the French woman’s murder.

Jarday We are confident that new forensic techniques and DNA will finally help them find Sophie’s mysterious killer.

There is also suspect from France who was seen behaving suspiciously and following Sophie in the village of Schole the day before her murder.

He was later recognized by film director Jim Sheridan and his team.

’emotional disturbance’

And while Billy wasn’t interested in the Netflix documentary, he clarified that he gave Jim Sheridan a “total collaboration” during filming.

He said, “I haven’t seen what Sheridan produced.”

“I tried to watch a few episodes, but I couldn’t because that was too emotionally upsetting.

“And I didn’t want to feel the quiet, calm emotional distress.”

“I think choosing to ignore things more often is probably one of the best things people can do,” he added.

In July, Taoiseach Michael Martin “He will leave no stone without his heart,” he said, in order to find Sophie’s murderer Tuscan de Blantiere.

Expected to be Billy They were interviewed by investigators cold cases before Christmas regarding the murder as part of a new investigation.

It is understood that Jarday is moving forward with their review of the case and hopes to initially speak to him by December.

Any surviving person who previously made a statement in front of the original Garda probe is re-interviewed.

Bailey was contacted in a letter from former Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll prior to his retirement, informing him that the investigation into the cold case was continuing.

He also asked him if he would make himself available for an interview with the new Garda team.

Bailey then responded and said he would fully cooperate with the investigation.

He told the Irish Sun how he welcomed a new investigation and said he was “glad that it happened”.

“I hope it’s part of this process, to point out who the real killer was and to exonerate me,” he said.

broadcast plans

But Billy made it clear that he learned not to count his chickens.

He said, “I’ve learned to separate myself from a great deal of this.

“After that I just go on and do what I’ve tried to do as much as I can.”

The Englishman explained how his way of staying calm in the midst of a drama is “breaking up”.

He continued, “I used to do it consciously, but I’ve been doing it for a long time.

“It seems to have become my default setting, which is fine for me.”

He told the journalist and poet how his poems reflect the events of his life and experiences.

He continued, “There is a poem called Vickers.

“And every now and then, you’ll meet a moon. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are.

“In my case, it might be a little different because you know, there’s going to be a certain sloppy.”

Billy plans to tell his story by producing his own podcast.

He explained, “Ian Bailey, his own words. Part One I’m going to talk about where I came from, how I got into journalism, and where I grew up.”

“Part Two will be about the time I came to Ireland, until Christmas 1996. Part Three is from 1996 to the beginning of 2000 maybe.

“And then the final part will be about what’s happening now, in the past year, and what might happen in the future.”

Billy is currently looking for a professional he can collaborate with to bring his plans to create a podcast to life.

He added, “It would be easier for me to do it in a controllable room, like a soundproof room, and talk to someone who handles the bag.

“They have to be familiar with it to some extent and they need to have a fairly accurate and detailed knowledge.”

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Billy still lives in Shull in West Cork. He now makes his living as a performing poet in the area, selling poetry books and performing readings.

He will also be launching a new website in an effort to sell his latest books, DVD Ian Bailey Live and shirts.

Netflix's Sophie: Murder in West Cork


Netflix’s Sophie: Murder in West Cork
Ian Bailey poses with Irish journalist Sun Daniel in Bantry, West Cork


Ian Bailey poses with Irish journalist Sun Daniel in Bantry, West CorkCredit: Andy Gibson – The Sun, Dublin
Ian Bailey is planning his own podcast


Ian Bailey is planning his own podcastCredit: Netflix
Heaven's Hut Murder: The Quest for Justice


Heaven’s Hut Murder: The Quest for Justice