Inside RTE Star Donal Skehan’s Christmas Preparations as a Shortlist Chef decorates the house and decorates the festive jacket

RTE star Donal Skehan is already getting into the festive spirit as he begins his Christmas preparations.

Abbreviation chef took him Instagram Story in a festive jacket as he updates his followers.


Donal decorated his house with festive decorationsCredit: Instagram
Donal showed his dining room table, which was set up for a delicious festive meal


Donal showed his dining room table, which was set up for a delicious festive mealCredit: Instagram

Donal He showed his decorated house, which had a birthday A tree complete with fairy lights, red ornaments, mini Santas figures and twinkling stars attached to the curtains.

With the camera crew in his house and hair and makeup teams on hand, it looks like the RTE star was already filming his Christmas food content.

“Just wanted to check in and wish you all a Merry Christmas,” said Donal, seated in his navy, red, and white Christmas sweater.

“It’s a busy time of year for everyone, but while I’m sitting here with my Christmas tree and my Christmas jacket, I just want to take some time to make sure everyone feels good and ready for the big day tomorrow.

RTE star Donal Skehan shares an adorable shot of the youngest kid covered in paint
Donal Skehan fan is in hysterics as he takes to the slopes in his costume

“What does your Christmas menu look like? Have you sorted it? I have the turkey in the oven here.”

Happy birthday, from my family to yours.

The Television His character also showed his followers on Instagram his dining room table, which was prepared for a delicious festive meal.

There was a gorgeous red centerpiece and leaf with tall candles burning over it.

Donal said, “Get yourselves ready for Christmas, don’t be left behind. It’s all about making things comfortable.”

“I feel so ready…Get your ski boots on.”

Then Donal shared some behind-the-scenes footage of him checking the camera from the director’s chair and applying make-up on the hands of the TV and crew.

He also filmed himself explaining to the photographer that his marshmallows weren’t real snowmen.

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Donal recently shared sweet snapshots enjoying run away with his family in Killarney.

The TV chef, his wife Sophie, and their boys Ollie and Noah head to Muckross’ traditional farm in Ko Keri.

The family was photographed baking bread and butter, feeding the lambs, and even seeing the pigs.

Donal said: “Good morning from Co Kerry, we are in Killarney today and have come to a place he photographed many years ago to rediscover Irish cuisine, a presentation we made about Irish cooking skills and traditional recipes.

“It’s beautiful here, they have these wonderful little cottages that recreate some of the traditional, forgotten skills of Irish cuisine.”

Turning to Instagram, Donal thought about how much his life has changed since his last visit.

He wrote: “These two boys were just a twinkle in our eyes the last time I sat on that fireplace.

“We came to Kerry’s for a little Christmas break and our first stop was traditional Muckross Farms where we filmed the TV series ‘Rediscovering Irish Cuisine’ over 8 years ago!

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“It’s a lovely place where you can see old Irish cottages, bake bread over an open fireplace, and turn cream into butter!

“A wonderful look at old Irish life and an important part of our heritage, especially to our two young boys born in Cali!”

Donal displayed his creations of marshmallows that looked like snowmen


Donal displayed his creations of marshmallows that looked like snowmenCredit: Instagram