Inside the abandoned Donegal Hotel where the Manchester United legend regularly visited, plants and mold grow from the beds and rooms

An Irish hotel that was once a favorite of Man United legend George Best now has mold and plants growing in bedrooms.

tiktoker Jimmy Robinsonwho explores abandoned buildings across Northern Ireland, traveled across the border to check out Ostan Ghaoth Dobhair on the Wild Atlantic Way.


This 32 bed hotel overlooks the Atlantic OceanCredit: Facebook
The hotel was abandoned in late 2015


The hotel was abandoned in late 2015Credit: TikTok
The Punebig hot spot has now been overrun with mold and greenery


The Punebig hot spot has now been overrun with mold and greeneryCredit: TikTok
Footballer George Best of Manchester United visited the hotel regularly


Footballer George Best of Manchester United visited the hotel regularlyCredit: PA: Press Association

Built in 1970, Austin in Boenbeg, DonegalOnce one of the hottest hotels in the Northwest, it has become a frequent favourite Manchester United legend George Best.

The hotel was owned by the local Boyle family, whose cousin Pat Creran, along with Best, played for United’s 1968 European Cup winning team.

Best became a regular visitor to the secluded committee, and a close friend of the Boyle family.

This isn’t the only claim to fame, however, as the Donegal Hotel overlooks Magheraclogher Beach in Bunbeg and the Bád Eddie shipwreck.

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The iconic shipwreck was even featured in Bono and Clannad’s hit song “In a Lifetime,” which was struck by lightning.

The magnificent building includes 32 guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, reception desk, bar, restaurant, kitchen, office, conference and functions room, beauty salon and leisure center with heated pool and gym,

Externally, the property also had six attached apartments known as “Don na Mara” and views of the Atlantic Ocean that remain unparalleled to this day.

However, the hotel was abandoned in late 2015 and has since fallen into complete disrepair.

For exploring the former hotspot of Donegal, the hotel has a post-apocalyptic feel as the paint peels off the walls while the pristine rooms remain fully furnished and covered in greenery.

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Sharing stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from a bedroom, Jamie — who has over a million likes on TikTok — notes that some rooms are still in salvageable condition.

“A few of the rooms are in better condition,” he said, “but these are actually OK.”

However, his eye immediately caught another room down the hall.

He said: I must show you this room, because everything has not been touched.

“The beds are tidy but algae is growing all around them.

“All is well left, but the moss has grown all over.”

weeds and molds

And he’s right, the bedroom looks like a scene from a horror movie where moss, weeds, and mildew completely took over the walls and blanketed the floors and bedspreads.

The noisy bar and lounge has also been completely destroyed as floors are rotting and nature continues to dominate.

Freshly cleaned bottles and mugs remain behind the moldy bar, while expensive chandeliers still hang from the ceilings.

Heading downstairs to the recreation center, Jimmy meets a gym area that has been looted and a pond full of rubbish and rotten water.

The center also includes a sauna and a hot tub, which are unfortunately in completely disrepair, leaving very little chance of recovery.

Fortunately, however, on August 31, 2022, planning permission was granted for a multi-million-euro renovation to reopen both Ostan and the nearby Seaview Hotel.

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The development is part of the €15 million “Bunbeg Revitalization” project by Vesada Private Ltd, which is set to create up to 80 jobs in both companies.

The move is set to revitalize the local Bunbeg economy after the devastating loss of its two flagship hotels in 2015.

Show Jimmy a bedroom enveloped in moss and weed


Show Jimmy a bedroom enveloped in moss and weed
Since it closed, Austan has fallen into a completely dire strait


Since it closed, Austan has fallen into a completely dire strait