Inside the Big Brother star’s sister’s wedding, Brian Dowling, as he brings Blake’s newborn daughter to a special day

BIG Brother star Brian Dowling has given his fans an insight into his sister Tara’s wedding.

Brian and his wife “Dancing with the Stars” Arthur Goronlian welcomed them Blake’s daughter About two weeks ago.


Brian shared an amazing family shot
Tara looked amazing in her wedding dress


Tara looked amazing in her wedding dress
Brian fans took a look inside his sister's wedding


Brian fans took a look inside his sister’s wedding

The happy couple had a family wedding to attend today and brought baby Blake with them.

The reality star’s sister, Tara, was marrying her longtime love John.

Brian Both Arthur and Arthur took to Instagram today to share snaps from the special day.

The first video Brian shared was from Arthur He styled his hair and also offered to style his sister’s and nieces’ hair.

Then Brian styled his own hair and shared a video of the process that followed asking Tara how she was feeling before her big moment.

Then the entire crew got a glimpse as they all got their makeup done and Tara looked amazing with her soft makeup look.

They also remembered their late mother as they had a candle and an area set up in memory of her.

That was said by Brian and Arthur their daughter She was the “best kid” because she was quiet during the entire party.

The bridesmaids wore gorgeous purple dresses with some gold headpieces and gold heels.

Meanwhile, Tara looked gorgeous in her dress that had a lace slit and had a long train behind her and a veil in her hair.

They shared a sweet kiss in a video on Brian’s Instagram story because they are all “terrified” of the newlyweds.

On Arthur’s Instagram page, he shared a cute video of himself, Brian, and their baby when they were all dressed up.

Brian looked stunning in a bright blue suit jacket, white shirt, and a dickie bow as well as some black pants.

cute couple

Meanwhile, Arthur wore a brown jumpsuit with a gold and black shirt and some leather boots.

Brian shared a snapshot of the whole family outside the wedding venue and they all looked so happy together.

Brian was holding Blake baby In the photo, Arthur was sitting on a hammock and they both had big smiles on their faces.

The reality star commented on the post, “Baby Blake’s first family wedding.

“I just found out today that I’m a multi-tasker.

happy child

“Because goourounlian played the DJ during the party, I was able to feed 4 ounces of our 2-week-old daughter, make her finish, keep her calm and light a candle in honor of our mom. Blake was obviously bringing her an A-Game.”

“Who said I can’t do everything?”

Fans and friends flocked to his Instagram and commented on sharing their love for this post.

Arthur replied, “Our baby’s first wedding.”

former Dancing with the Stars “Beautiful picture,” said contestant Green Galanag.

influencer Bonnie Ryan He said, “How do you look amazing though?”

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“A wonderful family photo,” Catriona wrote.

While Maggs also commented, “Awesome family photo. Enjoy the partying guys x the kind girl Blake who brought your game.”

Tara was excited for her big day


Tara was excited for her big dayCredit: Instagram
The bridesmaids wore purple dresses


The bridesmaids wore purple dressesCredit: Instagram
Tara and her new husband


Tara and her new husbandCredit: Instagram